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Red Flame Bistro was a chance discovery on a rainy, drizzly Friday afternoon when my colleague and I were looking for a lunch place that was reasonably near the office. It was oh-so-conveniently located just across the road from my office building.

Red Flame logo

We both had the 3 course set lunch which costs SGD 12.90. You have a choice of salad or soup of the day for your starter, grilled chicken chop or fish and chips for mains (there is also beef sirloin offered, but with an additional top-up of SGD 3.00), and finish off with dessert of the day. You can also top-up SGD 1.00 for 3 pieces of garlic toast or top-up SGD 1.50 for a soft drink or tea or coffee. There is no charge for water.

Red Flame appetizers and desserts

The salad is nice and fresh with a bit of crisp to it and the dressing is made a little bit more interesting with the addition of pineapple pieces that lend their distinctive sweet yet acidic taste to the salad and a sprinkling of sunflower seeds.

If the soup of the day is mushroom soup, you’re in for a treat. It was the best mushroom soup I have ever tasted this far – creamy and smooth with a mushroomy taste that is not too strong (too much mushroom can be a bad thing sometimes) and not oily at all. On other occasions we’ve been there, the soup of day was corn and clear vegetable soup. The mushroom soup is far and away the cream of the crop though and is always available on the ala carte menu for SGD 4.95.

My colleague absolutely raves about the garlic bread (add on SGD 1.00 with the set menu or SGD 1.50 off the ala carte menu). I find it better than your usual bakery garlic toast, as it is crispy without being burnt and generously slathered with garlic butter. I would prefer it much more if the toast slices were sliced a wee bit thicker for a heftier crunch when you chomp down, but hey, you can’t have everything your way, right?

Red Flame main courses

The grilled chicken chop is nicely done without being dried out. I would have loved it more if they had given more of the grilled potatoes and I could do without the corn-on-the-cob slice.

My favorite has to be the fish and chips. Coated in a golden batter and fried, the fish fillets were fresh and yummy. The best part was that it was not too oily. Accompanied with a serve of fries and a scoop of salad, this was possibly one of the better fish and chips I have had in a long while.

The first time I went there, I had the Mushroom pasta (which is no longer on the set lunch menu). If you like your pasta al dente, then Red Flame’s chef does it quite well. The cream sauce that accompanied the linguine was just right, not to heavy nor was it runny and it was not so overpowering that you feel stuffed after. Over a series of visits, I’ve tried variations of their vegetarian pasta (SGD 9.90) in cream sauce and aglio olio and find that it’s pretty good with a medium sized portion.

As of now the bistro has a steady trickle of customers during lunch hour so it is still nice and cozy and doing quite well. I understand from the manager, Guna (really friendly and helpful guy) that they plan to rotate their lunch menu every month for some variety so the dishes I have reviewed may no longer be on the set lunch menu but are still available on the ala carte menu.

Note: As of June 2011, Red Flame has increased the price of their set menu from SGD 12.90 to SGD 14.90.

Red Flame Bistro
2 Stanley Street

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