China Glaze Nail Polish in Riveting and Luxe and Lush

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Let’s just face it. I’m not meant to be a nail blogger. :P

What with the many astounding blogs out there with perfect nails, perfect swatches and perfect photography, I feel shy to even post a photo of my very imperfectly shaped short nails and rough cuticles.

I’ve only recently discovered the allure and addiction that is nail polish hoarding and this is further exacerbated by reading said astounding blogs. Having enabling friends in this area also has an effect on me going, “Ooooooh, pretty!” and buying. (Even though I probably already have more nail polish than I can finish in a lifetime.)

But I’m rambling when the subject of today’s blogpost is to show you how very stunning the combo of Riveting and Luxe and Lush (both from China Glaze’s Capitol Colours Hunger Games collection) is when layered together.

Riveting is a very bright orange that reminds me of the orange candies I’d get as a little girl during Chinese New Year. If you look at it really closely, you’ll see gold shimmer flecks and it does look stunning on its own.

Luxe and Lush on the other hand, is a flakie polish with irregularly shaped flakie bits in a clear base that you can use on top of virtually any polish to give your look that little bit of jazz.

China Glaze: Riveting and Luxe and Lush
Picture credit to kBoey for being a good sport and taking this shot for me. :)

In the shot above I have on Nail Tek Foundation II Ridge Filling Base Coat, 2 coats of Riveting, 2 coats of Luxe and Lush and 3 coats of Seche Vite top coat. It sounds like more than it looks, really. :P The only reason I had to pile on 3 coats of Seche Vite top coat was because I still don’t have Gelous in my nail polish arsenal and I needed to ‘smooth down’ the edges where the flakies were not lying evenly on my nails.

I love the combination of Riveting and Luxe and Lush – it really is quite eye-catching and I’m planning on recreating this look again for Chinese New Year to go along with all the mandarin oranges and gold decor. :P

Lastly, credit to the following bloggers for inspiring me to recreate this look (although my nails look nowhere like theirs), do click over and take a look at what I was *trying* to achieve:
Fashion Polish


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