World Gourmet Summit 2012

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It looks like I am making small forays into the world of gourmet dining this year, first with the Savour festival (which I have yet to blog about!) and now with the World Gourmet Summit 2012 edition.

World Gourmet Summit at Universal Studios Singapore

I was lucky enough to get to tag along with Beetrice for the Opening Reception back in April, held at Universal Studios in Resorts World Sentosa.

To put it in layman’s terms, the World Gourmet Summit is like your local food tasting fair, except maybe the people are more dressed up, you’re eating gourmet food and you’ll find copious amounts of champagne and wine available on tap.

san pellegrino
(I just stuck to San Pellegrino. Heheh.)

There are more pictures of food after the jump!

wgs booth setup

There were just too many things to capture my attention – from the nicely set-up booths to the food I was drooling over and the surroundings of Universal Studios itself – that I probably only took photos of half the foods there.

level33 booth setup
(Nice booth set-up by LeVeL33)

Here’s a list of the dishes I remember tasting (and that’s like only slightly more than half the foods available that night):

  • Braised Australian lamb shoulder with liquid gnocchi (Capella Singapore)
  • Macarons (Capella Singapore)
  • Salmon maki (Grand Hyatt Singapore)
  • Frosty champagne meringue (Grand Hyatt Singapore)
  • Sicilian deep fried “arancini” filled with stew Australian lamb shoulder (Gattopardo)
  • Drunken US chicken roulade with English celery (KT’s Grill)
  • Smoked US duck breast with sea grape & fruit salsa (KT’s Grill)
  • Roasted tandoori US turkey with mint chutney & cucumber raita (KT’s Grill)
  • Salmon tartar marinated with fresh mango served in cone (Forest)
  • Roasted Australian beef oyster blade with veal jus and shanghai brassica (Spruce, Bukit Timah Fire Station)
  • Salmon tartar with caviar & dill (Spruce, Bukit Timah Fire Station)
  • Chocolate truffle turtce tart (Spruce, Bukit Timah Fire Station)
  • Beer malt cruster Australian rump, bubble & squeak, tomato seche, crispy shallots & béarnaise (LeVeL33)
  • Portuguese pastry, cardamom chocolate, raspberry, pistachio dust & vanilla sale dessert (LeVeL33)
  • ‘Harvest Moon’ dessert of peanut, black t cremeux, deZann milk chocolate (Resorts World Sentosa)
  • ‘Pivoine Rose’ dessert of Ponthier lychee, rose & red fruit marshmallow, pistachio crumble (Resorts World Sentosa)
  • ‘Maui Sunshine’ dessert of Ponthier passion fruit, cream cheese, raspberry, nougatine gula Melaka pancake with crunchy deZann chocolate banana served with yuzu sour ice cream (Resorts World Sentosa)

If you’d like, you can still check out the whole menu here.

wgs food 01

wgs food 02

wgs food 03
(Please pardon the poor quality of photos as I only brought my Samsung Galaxy Note along… #bloggerphail)

It didn’t seem like much at the time, but whew! That’s a whole lot of tasting going on, methinks. No wonder I was stuffed! And I didn’t even get to try everything because things like seafood (crab, prawn) were off-limits for me.

wgs food 04
(Chocolate truffle turtce tart!!!)

Most memorable for me were: Capella’s braised lamb with liquid gnocchi that was so tender and flavorful. The frosty champagne meringue from Grand Hyatt that literally melts in your mouth, delivering a little explosion of champagne. That bit of local flavour in the roasted tandoori US turkey from KT’s Grill. I noticed Spruce’s roasted beef only because it was garnished with our local kalian, a type of leafy vegetable. But Spruce made up for it with their chocolate truffle turtce tart which is to-die-for. And my favourite dessert – the yuzu ice cream from Resorts World! Ahahahah.

3d transformers

The awesome-st part of the event for me was the fact that Universal Studios kept their much talked about 3D Transformers ride open and guests could ride for free! Needless to say, I seized the opportunity to go on the ride without having to endure long queues and went not once, but twice. Woohoo!

People @ World Gourmet Summit

Although having the event at Universal Studios was a unique treat in itself, after a bit we did find the evening to be a bit hot in the local humid weather and stuffy. Hopefully the organizers will choose an indoor, air-conditioned place for next year’s event.

As for me, I hope I’ll be at next year’s World Gourmet Summit! *wink*


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