The Great Closet Clean-up

Filed Under (fashion) by rinnah on 22-10-2012

I threw all of my clothes out last night. (*)

Yes, all of them.

(*) Into plastic storage boxes.

You might be wondering if I’ve gone off my rocker. No, I’m still perfectly sane, but I just got really tired of looking at my overstuffed closet. How is it that I came to Singapore with just a cabin-sized luggage of clothes that has miraculously multiplied by 3 – 4 times in just slightly over a year and a half? (Don’t get me started on the number of beauty products I’m currently hoarding.)

So anyway, in a bid to regain control over my wardrobe, I expelled all of my clothes – away into the banished lands of the plastic storage box and only to return with a royal pardon (i.e. when I really have nothing else fit to wear).

Empty hangers in wardrobe
Some very lonely hangers with no clothes for company

Seriously. This morning, the only items of clothes left hanging in my wardrobe were what I planned to wear to work today.

I’m no certified fashionista, but even I am getting tired of how I dress and look. Some days (ok, most days!) I feel that my outfit just screams ‘headed for auntie-dom’ or ‘I really couldn’t be bothered this morning’. Hopefully, now that I’ve given myself a clean slate to work with, my fashion tastes will also be refreshed.

I won’t be posting OOTDs (outfit of the day) because I’m just not comfortable with taking pictures of myself. I always feel that one looks weird in photographs of oneself.

Do share if, like me, you also have a problem with ‘too many clothes but nothing to wear end up re-wearing old outfits’ or ‘stuck in a rut dunno how to change fashion style’.


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