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Hands up those of you who know the Watsons brand!

Here’s a fact you might not know about Watsons – did you know that Watsons is the largest health & beauty retailer in Asia with over 2,000 stores and 1,200 pharmacies in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea and Indonesia?

I didn’t know that and now I do. :)

Recently, a bunch of beauty bloggers were invited to the first-ever Watsons Beauty Day Out where we were introduced to some of the brands that you can find in Watsons.

Watsons Beauty Day Out logo 02

I was a bit KO’ed that day because I’d just flown back in to Singapore from a business trip and then spent the entire day wrestling with work before heading for the event, but put a beauty blogger in a place with new brands to explore and products to play with and… I totally forgot my tiredness and even about the need to eat! LOL.

There are quite a number of photos so hit the jump and keep on reading. 

Our first stop was with the quirky ‘investigation’ scene set up by L’Oreal, complete with a PI.

L'Oreal Private Investigator

Ladies who love L’Oreal’s Youth Code may now rejoice as there will be a matching eye essence for your peepers available in stores very soon! I’m currently taking the eye essence for a spin and will report back on whether I love it as much as I do the Youth Code.

L'Oreal Youth Code Rejuvenating Eye Essence

Beetrice and I were so taken by the props at L’Oreal’s booth that we couldn’t resist taking a pic!

Rinnah & Bee at Watsons Beauty Day Out

Next stop, the Bio-essence booth to check out their new product – the 3D Face Lifting series. The concept of a face lift effect without surgery kinda reminded me of Clarins – since I don’t have the Clarins one, it would be good to test and see if this one does the job just as well!

Bio-essence 3D Face Lift

I spent a lot of time at the ATORREGE AD+ booth cos I wanted to know more about their products. Urm, a bit got lost in translation because the SAs spoke only in Mandarin but I generally found out that the background of this brand is from the clinical side as it was first developed by nurses and it incorporates Chinese herbs (mugwort)! I’ve had good results for my eczema skin with Chinese medicine before and this brand is going onto my “to try” list.

Atorrege AD product range

Hello Vichy! They had this skin health detector thingy that lets you find out how oily and/or dehydrated your skin is. It kinda works like how a blood sugar detector would – the consultant will press a strip to your face and then stick it in the machine to read. I was happy to find out that my skin was not as oily as I reckoned it to be and also that despite the dry surface layer, my skin was quite well hydrated on the inside. Yay!

Vichy evaluation machine

I was recommended the Aqualia Thermal range based on my skin test results and was quite taken by it simply because it smelled so nice. Plus, it made my skin feel super soft!

We stopped by Clio and oooh-ed and ahhh-ed over the makeup that they’re bringing in – those blushes are gorgeous and do remind me of a certain brand’s packaging *cough* MAC *cough*.

Clio makeup

Bee got a mini makeover with the Clio Waterproof Turnliner Twisturn in Night Purple #6 and all I can say is… woah! But the pics are with her. LOL. The face of Clio is Korean star Lee Hyori but somehow I keep on thinking of Kimora Lee Simmons when I see the brand…

Similarly, when I first saw the Marc Anthony brand I could only think of Marc Antony the singer or better known as J.Lo’s ex. Lol. The brand (not the singer) specializes in hair products and has won international awards.

Marc Anthony banner

The one product that caught our eye was the 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo – which the stylist kindly demonstrated on us. Such a nice fruity scent! Definitely one to keep a look out for.

Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo

This was one very sweet stop – to check out Ma Cherie’s range of Champagne Honey hair products. If you like all things girly and pink, then this brand’s products will be right up your alley.

Ma Cherie product range

Our final stop for the night was at the Dolly Wink corner to take a gander at falsies that will give you that huge doe-eyed look. I still cannot believe that Dolly Wink’s creator Tsubasa Masuwaka is a mother. o.0 Dolly Wink has some really nice lashes from the sweet to the OTT kinds. If I were into the Gyaru look I would be all over them.

Dolly Wink product range

And here’s the media kit that we got from Watsons and some of the participating brands.

Watsons media kit

I was so looking forward to trying the Skinbiotics – until I read the back of the box that said people with seafood allergy should not take this product. Darn! Oh well, I guess my mom will benefit from this then.

Skinbiotics Reactiv 01

Oh, and for readers in Singapore, you can now download the Watsons app for both iPhone and Android – you can search for your nearest Watsons store to your location, be informed of great deals happening and more! I’ve already downloaded it to my phone and am liking the e-coupon feature quite a bit!

Finally, I leave you with an everyday example of how Watsons figures in my life.

Watsons tissue box

Saving my runny nose with Watsons box tissue! :D


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