Savvy Consumer Tip : Scenting Your Wardrobe

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I stumbled upon this tip purely by accident last month and I’m sure it’s not new to many people.

You see, I have this OCD complex about clean and fresh smelling laundry. But my wardrobe in Singapore tends to attract this musty old smell (I think it’s the humidity) during the rainy months and my nice clean clothes would need to be washed again because I’m anal like that. My first line of defence was to put in lots of dehumidifiers at every level of my wardrobe. That solved the humidity problem and the musty smell but my wardrobe still didn’t smell nice and fragrant like I wanted it to.

Enter this little saviour!

l'occitane soap bar

This is a free bar of L’Occitane soap that I brought back from Bangkok (it was part of the complimentary toiletries the hotel provided). All I did was stick it inside my wardrobe and viola! Wonderful fresh clean scent every time I open the door. I just love it when a solution is perfectly simple x easy.

Do you have a savvy tip for the home to share?


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