Style File : Ross-Simons Safekeeper Wall Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

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ross-simons wallhanging mirror jewelry keeper
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It’s the perfect jewelry organizer that I could ever dream of. A full-length dressing mirror that opens up to reveal a jewelry cabinet inside.


It’s out of my reach! Gah!

It’s I wanted this for my room back in Malaysia so badly that I actually checked to see if Ross-Simons did international delivery. They do, but you’ll have to add USD 40.00 to your total bill. Even then, I still wouldn’t be able to get this for my room because items that weigh more than 5 pounds cannot be shipped internationally.

Guess I’ll have to console myself with putting this in the Style File for future reference and keeping a look-out for a similar type of mirror cum jewelry cabinet in Malaysia.

In case you were wondering, this nifty jewelry storage case idea retails for USD 299.95 on the Ross-Simons website.

Sweet Contemplation Accessories

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I’m absolutely drawn to beautiful, elegant jewelry. Sparkling gems, pearls and all sorts of metal always get my nod.

So you can just imagine how delighted I was to hear about Sweet Contemplation Accessories!

Sweet Contemplation Accessories logo
Image credit to Sweet Contemplation Accessories

Designed and hand-crafted by Australia-based blogger Christine Wang (who happens to be a friend of mine), each piece of jewelry from Sweet Contemplation Accessories is made with love and an eye for the tiniest details that make each piece so special; in line with Tine’s vision of designing jewelry for the modern woman who encompasses femininity, strength, charm, style and grace (just to name a few). All the designs from Sweet Contemplation Accessories are so wearable, I’d reckon that you could take any piece from day to night with ease!

Sweet Contemplation Accessories packaging

I heart the little extra touches that Tine adds to the packaging. Like the little robin-blue (some would say Tiffany blue!) and black handmade boxes all tied up with black ribbon. Simply tres chic! And stamping the Sweet Contemplation logo on the inside of the box cover. Finally, inside the box, carefully tucked away in a layer of robin-blue tissue paper is a little velvet pouch containing your treasure!

Sweet Contemplation Accessories packaging

Personally, I was immediately smitten with these two gorgeous designs which I picked up recently – Call Me Old Fashioned (AUD 30.00) and Byzantium (AUD 30.00) – and I already know how I want to wear them and which clothes they’ll match in my wardrobe, which is just about everything!

Call Me Old Fashioned necklace
Byzantium bracelet
Image credit to Sweet Contemplation Accessories

Shipping is free anywhere within Australia and international shipping is charged at a flat rate of AUD 10.00 (or free if you purchase above AUD 100.00), no matter where you are in the world. In case you were wondering about the efficiency of the Australian Post and the local mailman, I’d say it’s pretty good, considering that the package arrived in good condition and relatively fast too, within 1 week from the date Tine shipped it off till I received my goodies.

Once you’ve been converted into a Sweet Contemplation Accessories fan, it can be pretty hard to resist treating yourself to just one more piece of pretty jewelry. *wink*

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Choobs – Charms, trinkets and more

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I’ll admit it. I first clicked over out of sheer curiosity after reading this post on online blog shops at shoppingNsales. Little did I expect to be charmed by what I saw…

Choobs logo
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Choobs is family-run by Hwee Yen together with her sister Hwee Mei and their mom Jean. I like how transparent and open they are about letting you know just who put so much loving and effort into the pretty trinkets you see on the site. I also like the little write-ups describing each individual design because it’s not just any piece of jewelery, it’s personalized! There are three product ranges at Choobs – Chica, Sophistica and Mamasita. I like all their designs, but my favorites come from the Chica range.

I was instantly taken when I saw this charm bracelet named Love It Like It Is (from the Chica range, picture below). So many pretty hearts a-dangling and it comes with pink Swarovski crystal embellishments too! It was just calling my name and I had to get it, so I dashed off a quick email to place my order.

Love It Like It Is by Choobs
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The ordering process is fairly straightforward and easy too as Hwee Yen has explained everything clearly in the pages for Ordering, Payment and Shipping so you just have to select what you like, how you’ll pay for it and how you want it shipped and send her a line. Response is prompt and friendly too.

I was amazed at the level of thought Hwee Yen has placed into packaging the items for delivery. Firstly, the charm bracelet was safely tucked away into a small plastic seal-lock bag with the Choobs logo. This was then placed into a pretty gauze drawstring bag for aesthetic purposes. The little bag came to me resting inside a padded envelope, which is artfully disguised with its covering of themed wrapping paper – so very handy if you were getting this as a gift to give away, it’s all packed and ready to go! And all of this was packed into an outer normal paper envelope so I was one very happy girl unwrapping her present.

Since then, I’ve had another charm bracelet custom-made for me by Hwee Yen, and I’m still eyeing a couple more designs for myself. If you’re into charms and custom jewelry, do check out Choobs.

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