My first Longchamp bag

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I finally bit the bullet and hopped onto the Longchamp bandwagon last month.

Yes ladies, after at least 2 years of saying I didn’t want to be like everyone else… I have finally been suckered into buying a Longchamp.

Thankfully, it’s not a colorful Le Pliage, but a solid colored Planetes in black, medium sized (or small as it’s sometimes known. Confusing really) with long handles.

Longchamp Planetes black medium

To be sure, it’s not the perfect bag. Far from it! But it has its pros and cons.

It’s the right size – not too big and not too small. It fits everything I need inside there with plenty of room left over. Unfortunately, the design of the bag also means I sometimes end up scrabbling around the bottom of the bag searching for some tiny item that has made its way to the very depths of said bag. The zip and the flap sometimes gets in my way and I find it a wee bit unwieldy to zip the bag open/close. But I love the long handles that allow me to easily sling the bag on my shoulder with a one-handed movement (so necessary when juggling shopping and keys and whatnot).

I like that it’s black in color – hides all the stains, ya know? And I prefer the streamlined single color look of the Planetes line. Personally I find that the Planetes appears to keep its shape slightly better than the Le Pliage due to the material used.

Naturally, my next step up the Longchamp ladder would be the Veau Foulonne, yes? :P Although I’m also toying with the idea of getting a Le Pliage to bash around on weekends…

Style File : Louis Vuitton Madeleine GM

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lv madeleine gm

I am so in love with this bag. If ever I were to get myself a LV bag, this would be it.

It’s the perfect size for work (even weekends) and I absolutely love the epi leather finish. It looks even more wonderful in ivory, but I’d be worried of getting it dirty so black would be more practical for me.

The only thing that’s stopping me? Le price. :(

Recommended retail price : USD 1,330.00

Style File : Longchamp Veau Foulonne

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I’ve never been one to really hanker after Longchamp bags. What with the current fad of every Jane or Ah Lian carrying one of those Le Pliage totes around (whether it is real, an A-grade replica or even your flea market variety knock-off) I vowed I would not be suckered into liking the Le Pliage.

Well, this baby below from the Veau Foulonne line proved me wrong.

longchamp veau foulonne
Image credit

It’s your usual Le Pliage design, but crafted in a beautiful brown leather that I assure you, looks better in real life than this photo I took from the Longchamp website. It’s very classic and different from all those multi-colored Le Pliages that are a dime a dozen on the streets right now.

In a nutshell, I wants! :P

Retails at USD 355.00 online at the Longchamp website or HKD 2,880 at the Hong Kong International Airport (which is where I saw and handled the real thing).

Now, is it time for me to own a Longchamp?

Roototes by Super Planning

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There’s something to be said about following blogs. They make you want things you’ve never seen before, never had cravings for. Sometimes it’s a bad thing. Sometimes, it’s a very very good thing. Luckily, these Roototes by Super Planning are part of the good things.


My Rootote love affair first started when I read how Karen Cheng loved and raved over them. I wanted one, but was foiled by the hefty Aussie shipping fees.

rootote 01
Image credit to Karen Cheng

I wasn’t the only one going gaga over these handy totes, because my friends and I, well, we went through a kind of Rootote phase where all of us had and was using one. It got to the point once that whenever we turned up for any of our gatherings it was like a Rootote lovers community – sometimes we even came with same designs! LOL.

While the other girls have since gone on to other bag loves, I’m still very much in my Rootote phase, just that I’ve now moved on to their Luxe versions, which I find to be perfect for work. Think of it as the classier, slightly more grown-up versions of the polyester and cotton Roototes which are better suited for weekends. And if you think the Luxe versions are any less hardy than the original Roototes, think again! They stand up pretty well to abuse – I can assure you that I’ve not been particularly careful with the ones I own.

rootote 02
My collection of Roototes (actually one is missing since my mom ‘kidnapped’ it) – once you start you can’t stop! :P

Why do I love the Rootote so much?

For one, I find them to be far more practical than spending on the latest fashion trendy bag which gets discarded within months like I used to do before I discovered Roototes. Saves me $$$ in the long run.

They’re versatile enough to take me from work to play and back again. I’m one of those people who will most likely forget something if I have to change bags from workweek to weekend or night to day.

Roototes are so roomy, you could fit practically everything but the kitchen sink inside and it still wouldn’t look that bulky. I’ve used mine to cart lunch and documents to work together with all the usual paraphernalia that women carry, make-up kit and all. If I’m going to the movies, I can stuff a shawl or sweater inside.

On no-plastic-bag days, I can put my purchases inside my Rootote and dispense with the need for another shopping bag.

On weekends, I can even fit my DSLR inside my Rootote and no one is the wiser until I take it out! :P

Since I had more Roototes than one person could possibly use, my mom has taken to conveniently ‘borrowing’ them from time to time. You know a design is classic and practical when mother and daughter can carry the same tote, just in different fabrics!

If you’re in Malaysia, you can check out Roototes in person at the Ladies department of Isetan KLCC. Roototes are also sold online locally at Tiny Tapir or if you’re willing to pay currency conversion rates and shipping, you can also check out Mela-co from Singapore.

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