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eubos sensitive shower oil

I liked EUBOS Sensitive Shower Oil so much that I actually went out and bought a twinpack as backup before I was even halfway done with my first bottle. I call it “The lazy girl’s secret weapon to getting moisturized skin without the effort”. That says a lot, kan? ;)

Now, I actually found this shower oil by chance about 2 years back. Previously, I used Oilatum as recommended by my dermatologist but it was a bit of a hassle as you had to dissolve the Oilatum solution in water. I also used the highly recommended Cetaphil cleanser, but somehow felt that it was simply not moisturizing enough for my extremely dry skin. So I ended up trawling my local pharmacy aisles when I noticed the magic word ‘oil’ on the packaging of the bottle. I was intrigued enough to give it a go and into my shopping basket it went.

It’s all too simple to use this shower oil. Just treat it like your average shower gel, just in an oil form. It doesn’t foam up much like other soap-free cleansers out there and it does leave a light but non-sticky film over your skin even after rinsing. With this shower oil, I have clean and happily soft and smooth skin that does not require any additional leave on body oils or greasy moisturizers. See what I meant about it being my ‘lazy girl’s secret weapon? Hehehe.

Naturally, since I am able to use it, this product is friendly for sensitive and eczema prone skin.

The only downsides to this product are that it still isn’t enough to combat scaly skin on my legs (need a scrub first for that) and I have found that using this shower oil leaves my bathroom floor just a little bit slippery, so you might want to make sure to rinse your floor after your shower.

Other than those little niggling downsides, I say, “Buy this product!” :D

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Description : Mildly Cleanses while intensively replenishing lipids to protect the natural biosphere of the skin from head to toe. Contains natural oils and Chamomile extracts which are dermatologically proven to ensure very mild cleansing and care for sensitive, very dry skin and even for those suffering from eczema. A pH neutral cleanser that is free from alkali, soap, dyes & preservations, hence it is particularly suited for sensitive skin. Highly recommended by dermatologists. Use daily to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

Directions : Apply on damp skin & leave it on for 5 minutes to experience maximum effect. Then rinse off with lukewarm water. Shake before use.

Recommended retail price : I can’t remember now, but it’s less than MYR 30.00 for a good-sized bottle. (I’ll update this blogpost when I have the time to visit my local drugstore.)

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