Savvy Consumer Tip : Scenting Your Wardrobe

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I stumbled upon this tip purely by accident last month and I’m sure it’s not new to many people.

You see, I have this OCD complex about clean and fresh smelling laundry. But my wardrobe in Singapore tends to attract this musty old smell (I think it’s the humidity) during the rainy months and my nice clean clothes would need to be washed again because I’m anal like that. My first line of defence was to put in lots of dehumidifiers at every level of my wardrobe. That solved the humidity problem and the musty smell but my wardrobe still didn’t smell nice and fragrant like I wanted it to.

Enter this little saviour!

l'occitane soap bar

This is a free bar of L’Occitane soap that I brought back from Bangkok (it was part of the complimentary toiletries the hotel provided). All I did was stick it inside my wardrobe and viola! Wonderful fresh clean scent every time I open the door. I just love it when a solution is perfectly simple x easy.

Do you have a savvy tip for the home to share?

Indochine Natural Soaps : Rose Geranium

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I received a nice email from the good folks at Indochine Natural earlier this year, inviting me to review their handmade natural soaps. I said yes but due to a number of factors in my personal life (changing jobs and moving house), I didn’t get around to using the product and conducting my review as quickly as I would’ve liked to.

Indochine Natural Soaps

I was sent a number of their best-selling soaps to try, all nicely packaged up in a cardboard box. I like that the packaging is reasonably eco-friendly with a minimum of plastic wrapping, unlike commercial soaps. The side of the box tells me that the soap is handcrafted from all natural ingredients in a cold process.

Indochine Natural Soaps

Inside the box, there were 3 different types of soap – No Fragrance, Lemongrass and Rose Geranium. I found the Lemongrass soap to have a stronger fragrance, so I passed it on to my guest reviewer to test out (to be reviewed in a separate blogpost). I personally tried the Rose Geranium soap, which had a sweet floral fragrance to it.

Indochine Natural Soaps

With my sensitive skin and skin problems (eczema), I was keeping my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t have any adverse reactions to the soap and thankfully, nothing happened. The first time I used the soap, I felt my skin was a little bit tighter (not dry though) than when I used my normal emulsion bodywashes but that feeling disappeared with subsequent use. The soap itself does a decent job of letting me feel that my skin is getting clean even though the soap doesn’t really lather up – those who like lots and lots of lather would be disappointed.

The rose geranium fragrance is pleasantly sweet but not overpowering. In fact, this left me just a little disappointed as I had expected the fragrance to linger just a little longer. However, the moment I finished my shower, that was it. No lingering scent in my bathroom and none on my skin too. Sigh!

I had no adverse reactions to the soap but it did not exceptionally help with my long-standing eczema problems either. I’d say this would be a nice to have soap that I reach for when I need a fragrance pick me up in the shower, but it’s not my everyday staple either.

A full-sized bar of Indochine Natural soap costs USD 6.00 and you can order Indochine Natural soaps online or check out a list of their local Malaysian retailers here.

Yes factors : Does not cause sensitive skin to over-react, nice soothing scent
No factors : Scent does not linger, not easily located

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Disclaimer : I was sent this product to try and review. Beyond the product itself, I have received no monetary incentive to review and the above blogpost represents my honest opinion of the product.

Ah Yuan Soap : Purple Gromwell & Roselle

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Yuan soap : Purple gromwell & roselle

Ingredients : Amebia euchroma, roselle, verbena, patchouli, petitgrain, eucalyptus oil, beeswax, olive oil, grape seed oil

Description : It can reduce eczema and detoxify when used externally. This soap is created for those who develop prickly heat easily and whose skin is too oily and dull. For people with acnes, prickly heat, eczema and itchiness due to unknown causes, inflammation, allergic skin and athlete’s foot; also kills bacteria, stops itchiness and heals wounds.

Recommended retail price: MYR 22.50

My review :

When one is an eczema sufferer, you’ll find yourself willing to try out just about anything to stop that itch!

I first read about Yuan handmade organic soaps on and immediately thought of trying it out since it was reputed to help eczema sufferers. But as it was not easily locatable at that point of time (only at selected organic standalone shops), I did not go searching for it. However, I was pleased to find a whole selection of Yuan soap being sold at BodyBar on one of my forays to Tropicana City Mall.

Originally I intended to get the Wild Patchouli soap as I had read a blogger review on this particular soap that said that it gave relief to someone with hand eczema. However, Noor, the sales assistant at BodyBar, introduced the Purple Gromwell & Roselle soap to me instead, mentioning that it had helped other customers with eczema. So that’s what I purchased instead.

Firstly, if you’re not used to traditional Chinese herbal medicine, be forewarned that the Yuan soaps give off a very strong herbal smell which lingers in the bathroom after you’ve finished your bath/shower. However, I like the smell, so it doesn’t bother me at all. Using this soap in the shower, I find that it doesn’t lather up like the normal varieties of soap, which is a plus point in my opinion. Also, it left my skin feeling clean but not tight, although I did feel that it dried out my skin more than my regular dermatologist recommended Oilatum or Eubos cleansing liquid. All those were plus points for me.

However, there was just one thing that bugged me about using Yuan soap. Technically the soap variety that I bought – Purple Gromwell & Roselle – was supposed to help with eczema problems. How did that work out for me? Not too well. I found that using the soap tended to aggravate my skin after my shower, leaving me with a strong burning/itching sensation at the areas where my skin was affected with eczema. It was totally not the kind of reaction I had expected. The burning/itching sensation would start the moment I applied the soap and lasted for up to 30 minutes after I’d stepped out of the shower. Not even applying my normal moisturizing lotion immediately could halt the burn/itch. I did find with some experimentation, that showering with hot/warm water increased the sensations whilst cool/cold water helped to calm down the skin somewhat (but still with the burn/itch sensation). Despite the irritant factor, it might be helpful to note that at all times, my skin did not become inflamed (red) nor did my eczema grow worse, just that there is the discomfort of an underlying sensation of burning/itching. Some might say that it is an indication of the healing properties of the soap at work, but I personally feel that my skin is not suited to the soap.

If Yuan soaps work for you, that’s great, but for me, the search for a compatible product goes on.

Yes factors : Unique selling point, herbal smell, all natural ingredients
No factors : Quite pricey, not easy to find, herbal smell, may irritate sensitive skin

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