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Last week, I was invited to try out the Signature Hair Treatment at Glitz HairWorkz salon at TripleOne Somerset. Feeling in dire need of a pampering session for my hair, I immediately said yes.

glitz 01

I had no problems at all in locating Glitz Hairworkz in TripleOne Somerset – it’s right next to the escalator. At first sight, the decor is a mix of sleek modern lines of leather with the warming accents of wood.

glitz 03

The moment you’re settled in, Glitz offers you a choice of beverage from a menu – ranging from teas to juice or soda. It was a nice personalized touch, especially when my Earl Grey tea came all nicely presented on a tray. Your comfort is also assured as you slip on a light robe to protect your clothing.

glitz 02

I mentioned to my stylist Kelvin about my ongoing battles with my skin which had recently begun affecting my scalp and hair too, with the appearance of dry flaky bits and my hair turning into a haystack – in both texture and appearance. (The appearance bit is also partly because I’m overdue for a haircut!) He recommended that I try their dandruff treatment, which would address the scalp issues of dryness and flaking and therefore the itching.

The hair treatment is done using products from an Italian brand, Revivre, which is environmentally friendly and only uses the finest organic substances in their products. Interestingly enough, the entire range is oil-based! I can see girls with oily hair/scalp cringing already. Even though I don’t have an oily scalp, the roots of my hair are prone to oiliness that never extends down the rest of my hair. I can tell you right away that no, the treatment did not make my scalp or hair oily at all.

The stylist will apply and massage the treatment into your scalp before letting it sit for a while. Then, it is rinsed off and your hair is shampooed and conditioned. I hadn’t realized it at the time, but the treatment time was slightly over an hour, which was a lovely treat in the middle of the work week after a tiring day at the office.

The best part of the treatment for me was the scents of the entire Revivre range used on me that day. If you’re into aromatherapy, these products will be right up your alley. I loved the scents so much a bottle of the shampoo found its way home with me. :P

glitz 04

I wasn’t expecting miracles from just one treatment, but I can say that my scalp was significantly soothed – the itching was reduced by about 70%, I saw less flakies and I really did feel clean again. You know that clean scalp feeling? Yeah, that one. Treatment is recommended on a twice monthly or monthly basis if you really want to see long-term results. Or you could try the do-it-yourself route at home.

Glitz HairWorkz Signature Hair Treatment is priced at SGD 90.00.

Glitz HairWorkz
111 Somerset Road
#02-18/19/20 TripleOne Somerset
Singapore 238164
Tel : +65-6820 0789
Facebook :

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Pantene Recharging Fluid Pro-V Formula

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Where’s a solution to your hair woes when you need one?

I’d been experiencing some unusual hair fall of late, where if I ran my fingers through my hair I’d come away with a few strands in my hand. Washing my hair meant losing dozens of strands of hair and none of my usual shampoos were working to stem this problem. Honestly, I was getting rather worried about this situation. Not that I don’t have hair to spare – my hair is deceptive, as any of my hair stylists (past and present) will tell you. It looks rather fine and no more than a handful, but when they start to style/cut my hair, it will seem never-ending! Hahah.

Cupcakes @ Pantene blogger tea party

Then I got invited to the Pantene blogger engagement event at Hair Atelier in Jaya One. And I will honestly say that I didn’t set any expectations overall before going. You see, I don’t have a firm opinion where Pantene products were concerned even though I’ve used variants of the shampoo/conditioner ever since I was a little girl. You could practically say I grew up in a house that was never without a bottle of Pantene shampoo/conditioner (different types) in the bathroom. And you know what they say – that you don’t fully realize the pros and cons of something just because you are so used to having it in your life. Heh.

Pantene Pro-V range

I did hope that my poor, neglected tresses would get some TLC though. I’d say that the team was pretty confident that their product works because we were treated to a hair pampering session using nothing but the new Pantene Recharging Fluid Pro-V formulated products (after this referred to as Pantene Pro-V Total Care) – the Total Care shampoo, conditioner and the 3 minute miracle treatment.

The new Pantene Pro-V Total Care smells deliciously like honeydew, a rare departure from the rest of the fruity/floral shampoo brigade. Unlike dear Kahani, I kinda liked the fragrance and couldn’t help but sniff at my hair whenever I thought no one was watching.

After the wash and treatment, the stylists brought out their hairdryers to blow dry and style my hair and I thought “Oh no, my hair will be fried!” Luckily, I was wrong. The treatment had made my hair soft and silky straight, so much so one of the stylists asked if I had straightened my hair. LOL. And the end result of all that hair pampering?

Pantene makeover

My hair felt amazingly soft and light after and still looked great for the following week. Even better yet, the soft and light feel remained even though I’d been using other shampoos and conditioners and reminded me of far more pricier hair treatments I’d done previously. Even my scalp felt cleaner, since my hair did not get oily as quickly as it normally would. And while my hair did not miraculously stop falling, any subsequent hair fall that week was significantly reduced by as much as 70%. That was pretty amazing for me, I can tell ya.

Will I continue to use the Pantene Pro-V Total Care products? Yup, I definitely would as long as the products continue to work well for me.

You can pick up Pantene Pro-V products at the following recommended retail prices : Shampoo/conditioner @ MYR 9.30 (180ml) or MYR 14.90 (350ml); Intensive Treatment (in a jar) @ MYR 14.90 (135ml) or MYR 19.30 (300ml); Night Miracle serum @ MYR 17.90 (90ml) and Treatment 3-minute Miracle @ MYR 17.85 (3 tubes x 15ml).

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