Style File : The 2013 edition

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Since my great wardrobe clean-up, I’ve made some discoveries about my sense of style and favoured brands. It was rather interesting to me, so I thought I’d blog about it.

Marks & Spencer tweed jacket

Relatively classic. (Some might even say boring or dated.) I mostly stay far away from seasonal trends and cuts. I like clean lines and prefer a relaxed look and fit where possible. Comfort is key to feeling good and also in hiding any undesirable or less-than-perfect body parts.

I like *cough* expensive fabrics. Silk, chiffon, lace. I think I’ve developed an affinity for animal prints this past year or so. Clothes and designs with intricate embellishment or detailing also catch my eye.

I tend to stick to colours that I feel ‘safe’ with. The basic palette as my base – black, grey, brown, navy blue. Add in pops of colour, usually a top or cardigan – blues and greens (anything sea-toned), pinks. Occasionally reds and orange make an appearance. I used to have a lot of white in my wardrobe until I moved to Singapore and found that my whites were turning grey in the wash here. So out of convenience, the whites have slowly been phased out.

I am also a ‘Cardigan Queen’ for practicality – I tend to feel cold easily even in the humid, tropical weather of Singapore and Malaysia no thanks to overly cold air-conditioned places. I often wish I lived in a climate that would allow me to wear coats (especially trenchcoats!) and boots.

You can get a feel of my style at my Pinterest board here.

These brands are staples in my wardrobe for work and play. I reckon I rarely shop at other places!

  • Zara (Spain – international)
  • MNG (Spain – international)
  • Uniqlo (Japan – international)
  • Espada (Thailand)
  • Et Cetera (Indonesia)
  • Cultivation (Malaysia)

Other notable brand mentions:

  • Espirit (international) for jeans
  • Nicole (Malaysia) for affordable slacks for work
  • Asos (international) for pretty dresses
  • Daniel Yam (Singapore) for dinner/formal outfits
  • Arthur Yen (Singapore) for separates

Fashion Icons
This is a toughie, because I don’t particularly fancy any one person or celebrity’s style. I draw inspiration these days from Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Kate Middleton, with a tip of the hat to Gwen Stefani (sans the punk/rocker vibe).

What’s your style like?

Changing hairstyles – a story in pictures

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After several years, I figure it’s time to give my wonderful stylist the recognition he deserves for making me look awesome each time I go for my haircut.

Not every stylist out there knows how to handle my hair, which is frequently described as being deceptive. It doesn’t look like it, but it is thick and has differing qualities – some strands are thick, most are baby fine, and the occasional odd one out is curly/wavy! Most stylists start off thinking my hair is easy to handle, and then they discover that it’s actually quite a handful. Deceptive appearances, I say. :P

So before I found the one person I trust to handle my hair, I used to bounce from salon to salon in search of a stylist who could manage not only my hair but my high expectations as well.

Enter Sam.

I have to tell you the story of how I found him, because it was totally by chance.

A long, long time ago…
I had gone for a trim at one of those ‘quick-cut’ salons because it was so cheap, and naively asked for a layered cut. Said ‘quick-cut’ salon botched up the job and left me with not a layered cut, but literally a jagged cut with ends that stuck out like a broom. I was *thisclose* to tears when I looked at myself in the mirror.

A desperate girl…
So in desperation, like, 10 minutes after I left that ‘quick-cut’ salon, I walked into Peekaboo at the Curve and told the reception “I want your best stylist who does short hairstyles”. As luck would have it, I was assigned to Sam and I guess I freaked him out at first – new customer sits down in front of him and tells him to chop off her hair in order to rectify the badly botched haircut from the ‘quick-cut’ salon. (I really wonder what he thought that day of this funny customer. Heh.)

Sam saves the day!
In any case, Sam did wonders to save the walking disaster that was the ‘quick-cut’ salon haircut (I couldn’t maintain the length anymore because the original cut was that badly executed) and I determined that this was it, he was THE stylist for me. So it’s been nearly five years since (late 2008 – 2013) and I’ve never even thought of going elsewhere. Such is my total confidence in him that I can confidently tell him to go ahead and cut whatever style he thinks he wants to give me for the season. I’ve never been much attached to the length of my hair and I reckon I’m rather chameleon-like in adapting my style to fit my look of the moment.

You can find Sam (Professional Stylist) at Peekaboo, the Curve

The following is a series rather self-gratuitous series of shots to show how much my hairstyles have varied over the years under Sam’s capable hands. (I realized that I generally prefer myself in shorter hairstyles…) And oh, this is probably the only time you’ll see this many pictures of me floating around on the blog. *wink*

01 Hairstyle Sept 2008
First time with hair that’s above the chin level with a longer, slightly shaggy fringe – very Korean guy’s style

02 Hairstyle Nov 2008
Hair is a bit longer here at the sides but now sporting a short spiky fringe

03 Hairstyle Jan 2009
Trying out blunt cut fringe and a rather bowl-shaped cut – Sam and I mutually agreed it wasn’t very me

04 Hairstyle Feb 2009
Still with the blunt fringe but thinned out for a more wispy look at the sides –more of a Japanese look/feel

05 Hairstyle Oct 2009
Growing out the fringe by reverting to my original left side parting but keeping the chin length cut

06 Hairstyle Feb 2010
Shoulder length and nearly on the level

07 Hairstyle Oct 2010
Going for the ‘tai-tai’ look with a blow-out

08 Hairstyle 2012
Total refresh of image – short boyish style

09 Hairstyle June 2013
And now, growing out the undercut and getting an asymmetrical bob

Which look do you think suits me best? Let me know in the comments!

Style File : Aldo Doyscher heels

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Just last week, I was out for dinner with Beetrice in Orchard Road and as fate would have it, we walked past an Aldo store with a sale sign. You know what happens when girls see sales signs, right? :P

So we walked in just to ‘look-see’ (or so we told ourselves). Haha. And you already know what’s coming next…

Aldo Doyscher in black leather

Say hello to the latest (and most expensive) addition to my shoe wardrobe, Aldo’s Doyscher in black leather.

With an almost 4 1/2in heel (yes, I measured!), the Doyscher is possibly the highest high heel I’ve owned to date and if I do say so myself, it makes my legs look longer. Naturally, it is not for traipsing around on the roadsides of Singapore nor is it meant for long shopping expeditions. So for now, I shall just prance around in my heels in the office ala The Devil Wears Prada. Hehe.

The recommended retail price for Aldo’s Doyscher heels is SGD 159.00.

I figure the Doyscher will make an excellent stand-in (possible dupe?) until the day I can get my hands on these gorgeous Christian Louboutin Declic heels below. :D

Christian Louboutin Declic in black leather

Style File : Red Nail Polish Lemmings

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As my fellow beauty bloggers would know all too well, lately I’ve been struck by a new lemming for nail polish. But not just any nail polish. Oh no.

Like a moth to flame, I find myself inexplicably drawn to red nail polishes. The redder, the better. :P

It all started nearly two years ago when I was getting a manicure/pedicure done for Chinese New Year and I decided to go out of my comfort zone (pretty but safe light pinks and neutrals) and go red. The manicurist recommended to me the most sought after red in the salon : OPI’s best-selling I’m Not Really A Waitress.

Image credit for I’m Not Really A Waitress

It’s not so much a bright red, but a deep red with burgundy highlights that show up in brighter light conditions. I liked it so much that I bought a bottle to keep – my first red nail polish. I’m not good with doing my own manicures, so I’ve been using it on my toes where it still looks good from afar and mistakes are not so noticeable. Heheh.

Then I read Lyn’s post on her new Chanel Rouge Carat nail polish and was hankering after it so bad that Beetrice had to drag me into the Chanel boutique with orders to try it on just so I would shut up about it. :P

Image credit for Chanel Rouge Carat

This is a brighter red compared to I’m Not Really A Waitress and under the boutique lights where I swatched it, it appears to have gold flecks in the red. Absolutely gorgeous and the only reason why I didn’t walk out of the boutique with it was because it’s much cheaper in Malaysia (MYR 70.00) compared to Singapore (SGD 36.00). Come this weekend, I’m going home to Malaysia to get this limited edition baby.

Then came another siren’s call when I got intro’d to Singaporean blogger Joey Chong. What should I see scrolling down the first page of her blog but this post on Dior’s Les Rouges collection featuring not one, but three different types of red.


I’m eyeing Gruau (on the right) and Icone (on the left), but I’ll need to see it in real life before deciding which of the two I want. Tralfagar (in the center) is a bit too bright red for me. In case you’re wondering, yes, this is *also* a limited edition collection.

As if that wasn’t enough, while fruitlessly hunting for Dior’s Les Rouges (didn’t realize that it’s exclusive to Isetan Scotts), I glanced over at the neighboring Lancome counter and saw… another red in Kate Winslet’s Golden Hat holiday collection for Lancome. Oh yeah, need I mention also that this is another limited edition baby?

kate winslet holiday collection soft cream red

Unfortunately, the consultant told me that the polishes for the Golden Hat holiday collection were not being brought in to Singapore. Bummer!

Now tell me, have I been poisoned by red nail polish lemmings or what? :P

Style File : Royal Wedding Dinner Look

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I discovered Daniel Yam Apparel earlier this year when I was searching high and low for a gown for a rather posh wedding dinner where Malaysian royalty would be present. Me being me with my decidedly classic sense of style (my mom calls it old-fashioned style :P ), I was determined that I wanted a gown that was simple, not fussy, yet chic and elegant. None of those beads and frills and ruffles for me, thankyewellymuch.

I had been in and out of numerous shops in both Malaysia and Singapore when I happened to walk into Daniel Yam’s boutique at Wisma Atria on Orchard Road with Beetrice. And lo and behold, there was my perfect dress in a shade of deep turquoise blue. So into the dressing room I went and it was a dream come true. A simple tube design in a satiny fabric with some folds draped down the front (good for concealing any belly bulges) that fit perfectly with no alterations needed. I was definitely set on the design but torn between my favorite color (the turquoise blue) and a chili red which decidedly made me look fairer but just screamed “look at me ma i’m wearing a red dress”.

daniel yam apparel
The dress in chili red

I knew I wanted the dress but dithered over my color choice for about two weeks before I eventually made my way back to Daniel Yam, but this time I dropped by the boutique in Marina Square. And there, was the same dress in a lovely fuchsia pink that made me look equally as fair as the chili red and also stood out but didn’t scream for attention.

Here’s how I looked that night for the wedding dinner :


I loved my ensemble that night and got quite a number of compliments too, so I’ll definitely be heading back to Daniel Yam for more dresses when the occasion calls for it. :)

Evening gown : Daniel Yam Apparel
Shawl : Shop in Sungai Wang Plaza
Shoes : Fiore from Pay Less Shoes
Earrings : Sinma

Style File : Louis Vuitton Madeleine GM

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lv madeleine gm

I am so in love with this bag. If ever I were to get myself a LV bag, this would be it.

It’s the perfect size for work (even weekends) and I absolutely love the epi leather finish. It looks even more wonderful in ivory, but I’d be worried of getting it dirty so black would be more practical for me.

The only thing that’s stopping me? Le price. :(

Recommended retail price : USD 1,330.00

Style File : Ross-Simons Safekeeper Wall Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

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ross-simons wallhanging mirror jewelry keeper
Image credit

It’s the perfect jewelry organizer that I could ever dream of. A full-length dressing mirror that opens up to reveal a jewelry cabinet inside.


It’s out of my reach! Gah!

It’s I wanted this for my room back in Malaysia so badly that I actually checked to see if Ross-Simons did international delivery. They do, but you’ll have to add USD 40.00 to your total bill. Even then, I still wouldn’t be able to get this for my room because items that weigh more than 5 pounds cannot be shipped internationally.

Guess I’ll have to console myself with putting this in the Style File for future reference and keeping a look-out for a similar type of mirror cum jewelry cabinet in Malaysia.

In case you were wondering, this nifty jewelry storage case idea retails for USD 299.95 on the Ross-Simons website.

Style File : Lisa Eldridge’s No Makeup Makeup

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I love this concept!

No makeup makeup is all about using barely there, minimal makeup to achieve a polished, no makeup look that is like the natural and original you, but better. I’m not a fan of bold, bright and colorful makeup although I do admit that on some women, it looks fabulous and perfectly suited to them. Some other women though, are sadly misguided in the school of thought that more is better and usually end up with too much makeup that you can spot them a block away. I’m pretty sure all of us have seen at least one or two perfect examples of this in real life, no?

As for me, I usually eschew any form of makeup on all days, except those rare occasions when I have an event to go to. That’s when I break out my makeup stuff. But watching Lisa Eldridge’s No Makeup Makeup tutorial below has really inspired me to want to start doing this even on workdays! Just watch the video below – how can anyone not like what they see?

Video credit to Lisa Eldridge

Style File : Elie Saab Wedding Collection 2011

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I blame my sudden obsession with Elie Saab’s wedding gowns on Paris B. :P After she mentioned the hot Lebanese designer here, I started Googling for wedding gowns and whaddaya know? The man has an entire collection of 19 dresses for his 2011 wedding collection. And they are simply gorgeous!

Here are my favorites from the 2011 wedding collection (i.e. the ones I dream of getting married in) :

elie saab - erato - wedding collection 2011

elie saab - auriga (front) - wedding collection 2011elie saab - auriga (back) - wedding collection 2011

elie saab - casandra - wedding collection 2011

If I could, I would choose Erato for my wedding photography album in a garden setting, Auriga for the church wedding and Casandra for the wedding dinner.

A girl can dream, right? :)

Style File : Longchamp Veau Foulonne

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I’ve never been one to really hanker after Longchamp bags. What with the current fad of every Jane or Ah Lian carrying one of those Le Pliage totes around (whether it is real, an A-grade replica or even your flea market variety knock-off) I vowed I would not be suckered into liking the Le Pliage.

Well, this baby below from the Veau Foulonne line proved me wrong.

longchamp veau foulonne
Image credit

It’s your usual Le Pliage design, but crafted in a beautiful brown leather that I assure you, looks better in real life than this photo I took from the Longchamp website. It’s very classic and different from all those multi-colored Le Pliages that are a dime a dozen on the streets right now.

In a nutshell, I wants! :P

Retails at USD 355.00 online at the Longchamp website or HKD 2,880 at the Hong Kong International Airport (which is where I saw and handled the real thing).

Now, is it time for me to own a Longchamp?

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