More Marmalade @ Bangsar Village II

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Since my previous post on Marmalade @ Bangsar Village II, I’ve gone back a few more times with friends on different occasions and thought it would be nice to put up the accumulated pictures of food we ate to compliment the earlier review post.

Hope it doesn’t make you drool too much, because I’m hungry just looking at all the photos! :P

Salad @ Marmalade

Some kinda salad – not sure which one it was since I wasn’t the one ordering. Read the rest of this entry »

Marmalade @ Bangsar Village II

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Two separate outings, but at the same venue and with the same gang of madcap friends!

The first time around was last year, when we had a surprise birthday party for Paris B at Marmalade in Bangsar Village II. Fast forward 10 months later and we were back for a weekend brunch cum gossip session.

Marmalade Cafe

I find Marmalade to be an excellent venue of choice for those laid back weekend brunches and for catching up on the latest gossip with friends. The bright and cheerful interior of the cafe boasts colorful murals on the walls with comfy seating arrangements that allow you to linger. It is also a good place to host small parties as there is a section of the cafe which can be blocked off and seats around 20 people comfortably.

Marmalade’s staff are also incredibly helpful and accommodating – when we held the surprise birthday party, they graciously allowed us to bring in the birthday cupcakes and helped us store it. And no matter how long we linger around (on average we can sit around for up to 4 hours at a go), service is always prompt and cheerful. It’s nice to know that good service does exist in Malaysia.

Hearty Brekkie @ Marmalade

Now, the highlight of dining at Marmalade for me is always their breakfast sets (which are available up till 1pm). Tip : Order a few different sets and share amongst family and friends! That way you’ll get to try more. The Hearty Brekkie above comes in a set with choice of coffee or tea and juice.

Omelette @ Marmalade

We couldn’t get enough of the scrumptious omelette you see above, so we had 2 sets of this (or was it 3?) and still wanted more!

French Toast @ Marmalade

I simply love the fruit and yogurt that comes with the French Toast set. Makes me feel more healthy in a way. LOL.

Burger @ Marmalade

I didn’t get to try much of this burger, but as with the other items on Marmalade’s menu, it must have been good since it vanished off the plate in a hurry. Oh, but those grilled mushrooms you see at the side of the burger? Absolutely yummy even on its own.

Pumpkin Soup @ Marmalade

This last dish of pumpkin soup was ordered on a whim, since the Caucasian ladies at the table next to us had ordered it and it looked so good even from afar. We reasoned to ourselves that soup was just liquid anyway, so we went ahead and ordered it even though we’d had multiple sets of the food above! It was a good decision, for me anyways, because I love pumpkin and this soup was nicely creamy and akin more to pureed pumpkin rather than a watery soup. I was scraping the bowl clean on this dish!

All in all, I do love a good brunch at Marmalade and I really shouldn’t wait for 10 months to pass by before I make my next trip there! Anyone up for brunch?

Marmalade Cafe
Lot 1F-18
First Floor
Bangsar Village II
2, Jalan Telawi 2
Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur

Click here for the Google Maps link.

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