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Happy Hump Day! I’m excited today because tomorrow is a public holiday in Singapore and I’ll be off until the weekend for a quickie getaway to Penang. Can you say roadtrip? :)

A holiday calls for bright cheerful nails and I was extremely eager to dip into my latest polish purchase – OPI’s I’m All Ears, from their Vintage Minnie Mouse collection. I’m All Ears is a bright fuchsia pink jelly with miniscule glass flecks that shift hue from pink to orange to blue depending on the light and which angle I hold my hands at. It is a very close dupe to butter LONDON’s Disco Biscuit, except that the glass flecks in Disco Biscuit appear to be slightly more blue toned. (See this beautiful swatch from The PolishAholic here to be convinced.)

opi i'm all ears

As much as I’m loving I’m All Ears on my nails, it was a royal pain to apply!

The sheer jelly finish meant that I had to do up to 4 coats to even out the bald spots and achieve the kind of opacity I wanted. Luckily the dry time was not too bad but 4 coats of a single colour pushes me to the limits of my patience (yes, this coming from someone who layers her polishes and has done as many as 7 coats with 4 different polishes). :P

opi i'm all ears macro

I was also rather disappointed with the wear time for I’m All Ears. Usually with my Seche Vite dry fast top coat “armour”, my nails can last around 2 days before minor tip wear starts showing and the first chips happen about 6 days in. For I’m All Ears, I saw tip wear before the day was out and on the second day, a tiny chunk chipped off my index finger and thumb. Sigh! And it was such an effort to apply too…

I’m still prepared to forgive I’m All Ears for all the cons I’ve listed though as I absolutely love the colour and finish and how it makes my skin look fairer.

The ArglyDuckling

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I grew up with proper, old-fashioned storybooks in my childhood days. The standards – Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, The Three Bears, Goldilocks – you name it, I’ve probably read it. (My age is showing, isn’t it?) :P

And who could forget The Ugly Duckling? The story that promised you that one day, you would turn into a beautiful swan, loved and revered by all.

Well, some enterprising folks here in Singapore have taken the traditional fable and given it a right modern twist. Say hello to the ArglyDuckling online boutique. Where everyone (not just us girls) can look gorgeous if we want to, with just a little bit of effort and patience!

Right now, ArglyDuckling carries some niche, exclusive and hard-to-find brands in Singapore, like Blinc, Ciracle and Nature Girl to name a few. I was recently invited to a preview of some of the products and brands that they offer and I certainly was intrigued by more than a few!

argly duckling

I have plenty of photos for your viewing pleasure (together with my mini commentary/first thoughts about the brand or product) so mosey along after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Seen on the Market : butter LONDON polishes now available in Singapore

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Nail polish lovers rejoice! butter LONDON polishes are now available in Singapore. :)

Thanks to a tip-off from the Make-up Blogette on Twitter on Saturday evening, I called upon my fellow polish collector Beetrice and we made a prompt foray to hunt for butter LONDON on Sunday. I was so paranoid that I would arrive to find no more butter LONDON left, or, in a worst case scenario, plenty of other shades but not the shade I’d been coveting since last year! :P

For those on the hunt, you will find the elusive butter LONDON stand hidden in the racks in the general vicinity of L’Occitane and Korres at Basement 1 of Takashimaya (seems like a strange place to place all these niche brands to me) – so keep your eyes peeled for it as we nearly missed it!

butter london in takashimaya

It’s really a tiny stand – only half a shelf – and they’ve brought in limited shades in even more limited quantities (only 1 or 2 bottles per shade). As you can see in the picture above, that’s all there is (there are about 1 or 2 more shades at the side that got cropped out of the picture), and that was BEFORE we made our purchases on Sunday afternoon. The sales assistant (funny aunty! :) ) mentioned that restocks might be made every 2 weeks depending on demand so you can expect that I’ll be frequenting Takashimaya a lot more regularly in the future.

butter london victoriana

I’m sure you’re wondering if I managed to hunt down my desired butter LONDON polish in the end. Ladies, I’m glad to say that I did. The last Victoriana is now safely residing with me in the company of my other polishes. Hehehe. Review to come in due course.

You can also check-out the Make-up Blogette’s post about butter LONDON here.

butter LONDON polishes are 3 free and come in 11ml sizes. Polishes retail at SGD 25.00 per bottle. Treatments retail at SGD 32.00 per bottle.

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