Village Park Nasi Lemak @ Damansara Uptown

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Ever since I’ve moved to Singapore for work, I find myself craving for all sorts of Malaysian food. Like proper roti canai (I don’t like the word prata), curries, banana leaf, briyani, laksa, chicken rice, etc.

At the very top of my cravings list has to be nasi lemak.

So each time I come back to Malaysia, I drag my folks to Village Park in Damansara Uptown for breakfast on Sunday mornings before I have to take the bus back to Singapore and a diet of glorified bread and pasta. LOL.

A lot of people complain about how crowded the place usually is and how hard it is to get a table and parking but it’s never bothered me. Because I never park that close to the restaurant (walking is good for your health, people!) and the timing usually is such that I go before peak hours.

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My all-time favorite here is the Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng. Oh my, that crispy fried chicken is calling to me from my computer screen now! LOL. Sometimes I might get a slightly dry piece of chicken, but putting the fried chicken and the yummy nasi lemak together is a killer combo.

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Sometimes my mom will order the Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang as she prefers it. I find the rendang to be a tad on the watery side, but the taste is still there. Good for those who prefer not to take too much fried stuff.

village park 03

This here, is a drink concoction known as Milo Dinosaur. It happens to be Beetrice’s favorite as she never fails to order it each time we meet at Village Park. Heh.

All in all, you can expect to spend about MYR 12.00 to 15.00 per person for an order of nasi lemak (with one meat dish) and a drink. Specialty drinks will cost you a bit more. While it’s not exactly the cheapest fare in town, I still visit Village Park when I get hit with nasi lemak cravings. I may reduce on the frequency of my visits there though, as the management has recently decided to increase the prices further (what used to cost MYR 6.00 back in 2006 has slowly and gradually been increased to MYR 9.00).

Village Park Restaurant
5, Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel : +60 3-7710 7860

Click here for the Google Maps link.

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Yook Tho Hin (PJ) Restaurant

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A great many moons ago (but still within this year), some bloggers and I gathered at Yook Tho Hin (PJ) Restaurant for a post Chinese New Year lunch. Being the very hungry folk we are, we decided to indulge in a seven course meal to celebrate the New Year.

Yee sang

First up was the ubiquitous Yee Sang that is present at nearly every meal during Chinese New Year. For the uninitiated, yee sang is a salad-type dish that is served with a number of sauces and usually with raw fish (salmon). The best part about eating yee sang is the part just before you eat, when everyone gathers around to “loh hei” or toss the salad while reciting auspicious sayings. As you can see, it can get a wee bit chaotic and messy!

Sharkfin soup

There was also the usual seafood sharksfin soup as the second course. Even though some time has passed since then, I remember that Yook Tho Hin’s version was not too starchy and pretty delicious too!

Fried prawns with salted egg

My fellow bloggers were raving away about the fried prawns with salted egg but being allergic to most types of seafood that comes with a shell, I could only watch them tuck into those gargantuan prawns (look at the size of ‘em!) and drool.

Baked herbal chicken

Luckily for me, there were other dishes that I enjoyed tremendously. Like the baked herbal chicken. The chicken was so tender and soft it literally fell off the bone and while I personally would have enjoyed a stronger herbal taste, this dish got the thumbs up from me.

Vegetable with tofu

We also had two vegetable dishes, braised vegetable and tofu and the vegetarian dish of vegetables and mushrooms but after the tofu dish, my camera ran out of battery!

We were very full after all that good food, but there was still dessert to come – the usual tinned fruit in syrup and fried pastries – plus a special surprise of a birthday cake for me. =)

For all of the food we feasted on above, we paid about MYR32.00 per head (8 pax x MYR32.00 = MYR256.00). Considering that we were then still within the 15 days of Chinese New Year (when most Chinese restaurants tend to inflate their prices), I found the prices to be reasonable, especially for such good food. The company, of course, was excellent, as always.

The restaurant is fully air-conditioned on both levels, but it would be wise to call ahead and reserve your places on weekends as space is limited.

Yook Tho Hin (PJ) Restaurant
No.13, Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel : +60 3-7729 6534
Note : The restaurant is located at the same row as HSBC in Damansara Uptown.

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