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I’m a sucker for packaging and I’d been lemming after getting me one of these cute-sy Steam Cream tins for the longest time. What can I say? There’s just something that calls to me – the minimalistic aluminium tin with a variety of limited edition designs to cater to your every whim and fancy.

Steam Cream tin designs

I picked up my Steam Cream while I was in Hong Kong for HKD 138.00. Score! Because after currency conversion, it worked out to be cheaper than Malaysia (anywhere between MYR 59.00 to 65.00) and Singapore (SGD 26.00). The moment I realized it was cheaper, my friend couldn’t pry me away from the Steam Cream display at Harvey Nichols Beauty Hall until I’d bought one to take home.

Here is the design I’ve chosen – Liberty, featuring the Stars and Stripes of the American flag. Yes, I know I’m not from America, but it was either this or the Union Jack and I’d seen that design available in both Malaysia and Singapore, whilst the Stars and Stripes have not made their way to the online stores here. (Actually, it was also because my friend remarked that I didn’t seem to be the type to go for a pinky, flowery, girly or frou frou design. Haha.)

Steam Cream Liberty

But enough about the tin and the designs! How does Steam Cream actually fare when it comes down to use?

Steam Cream is supposed to be a cream manufactured with the latest concept of skincare in mind, pioneering the use of a steam technique to create a unique, gentle and loosely bound emulsion which is supposed to work on both your face and body. Essentially, it is a multi-purpose cream!

I like the scent, which is really relaxing and smells like lavender to me. But me being me with my sensitive nose, I can’t slather on lots of Steam Cream at one shot without feeling overwhelmed by the scent. So it’s a no go on my face for me. With a bit of practice, I’ve found my nose adapts best to the scent when it is massaged on in little doses at a time, so for now Steam Cream shall be my new relaxing nightly ritual and body moisturizer. I’d wager the scent helps promote better sleep for me too, because I always feel like I have some aromatherapy going on with the soothing lavender scent.

As for the cream itself, it initially feels a bit oily to the touch, but when used sparingly, it sinks into my skin fast enough and leaves behind a hint of fragrance that makes me happy. I find Steam Cream works best on slightly dry or normal skin because I find my arms and body to be loving it. But I’m guessing it would take a lot and frequent applications for it to work on the dry scaly skin on my legs (yeah, I have super dry skin there that looks like scales and flakes off in chunks).

Also, those of you who are fastidious about your skincare may not like the open tin concept of Steam Cream, but you can easily get around this decanting into a smaller jar or even a pump bottle (since the formula is not so thick) but that would just make the whole idea of the tin’s design meaningless, yes? I prefer to keep mine in the tin that it came in and make sure that it lies flat so that the cream doesn’t spill over the top when I unscrew the lid.

In a nutshell, I love the design factor and luxury feel but I’ll probably need something more moisturizing (and less scented!) for long term use.

Yes factors : Lovely scent, cute designs, does the job well enough on normal skin
No factors : Scent can be too strong for some, tin design doesn’t encourage hygiene

Packaging : 75ml

Recommended retail price : MYR 60.00 or SGD 26.00 (online pricing)

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A miniature haul from Hong Kong!

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Ah Hong Kong! How I miss shopping there already… and I’ve only been back for a week. :P

Being a total newbie (it was my maiden trip to HK), I was totally unprepared for the bright lights and myriad stores. But I was lost the moment Kahani introduced me to Bonjour.

When she showed me the section on sample/travel sized products, I was completely sold on the concept and there was no turning back. The majority of the stuff you see in the picture below is from Bonjour, with a purchase each from Sasa, Harvey Nichols Beauty Hall and duty-free at Changi Terminal.

Hong Kong miniature haul

In no particular order, I came back with :
1. Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Rose Perle
2. Steam Cream
3. Lanvin Marry Me perfume miniature
4. Talika Lipocils Expert eyelash serum
5. Lancome Hydra Zen Neocalm detoxifying moisturising multi-relief anti-stress gel essence
6. Lancome Hydra Zen extreme soothing moisturising cream-gel
7. Lancome Genifique Youth Activator serum
8. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex serum
9. Estee Lauder Hydrationist Moisture Barrier Fortifier ultra-hydration serum
10. Dior Capture Totale One Essential skin boosting super serum
11. Diorsnow White Reveal essence
12. Shu Uemura UV Armor high protection face cream SPF 50
13. Shu Uemura Deepsea Hydrability moisturizing gel cream
14. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
15. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial micro serum
16. Laniege Water Sleeping Pack_Ex
17. Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale exceptional complete care serum
18. Clinique Take The Day Off makeup remover

Whew! That’s a lot of miniature stuff, methinks! :P

And did you notice anything about the list above? It’s mostly skincare with a heavy slant towards hydrating stuff and anti-aging stuff.

I’ve been lemming quite a number of these serums for some time now, so yes, I am one very happy camper. Let’s hope that my sensitive/problematic skin takes kindly to me experimenting in the next few months!

How I wish I had access to these miniature pretties in Singapore or Malaysia all the time…

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