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I like Henry Cook. Those four words could very well sum up my review but that wouldn’t be doing justice to Henry Cook, now would it? :P

Outside Henry Cook

Henry Cook originates from Singapore, and this is their first outlet in Malaysia. Although I am working in Singapore, I have yet to (locate! and) patronize the Singapore outlet so this review will be based on my two visits to the Malaysia outlet at SSTwo Mall.

Interior of Henry Cook

My first impressions of Henry Cook were good. The restaurant is bright and uncluttered but still manages to exude a homey air, perhaps thanks to the magazines and boardgames in the shelving by the wall. They have an open kitchen concept going on, so you can watch the chefs prepare your meal as you wait.

Drinks & soups at Henry Cook

A montage of the various drinks and soups I had during both my visits – homemade pear drink, tropical fruit punch and tea. Some might find the homemade pear drink to be on the sweet side. The soup of the day – pumpkin soup and mushroom soup. I have to say that Henry Cook makes one of the better pumpkin soups I have tasted so far in Malaysia but it is not in the same league as my favorite. I would have preferred it to be a touch creamier but it was good overall, as was the mushroom soup.

Sides & salads at Henry Cook

Some of the sides and salads available. The garlic toast is yummy dipped into the soup of the day and the fried chicken drummets were nicely done too. The salads normally come as part of your main dish meal but are also available on their own. The herbed potato salad can be a bit bland on its own, but when eaten together with your main it balances out the meat. I quite like the unique green salad.

Main dishes at Henry Cook
Clockwise from top left corner : beef stew, stuffed chicken roll, baked fish fillet, beef bomb

My aunt, who is a big fan of beef stew, gave Henry Cook’s version a thumbs up. The beef is soft and tender and the stew is flavorsome. I like my stew chunky but did think the pieces of beef were cut rather large, as were the potatoes and carrots.

Henry Cook’s signature dish is their stuffed chicken roll – which to me is a bit like a fusion version of the Peranakan lor bak. It also reminds me a bit of kebab meat, especially with the sauce.

Beef bomb. I would like the ground beef to be a little less dry but it was still good overall. It was interesting to find a hard boiled egg smack dab in the middle of the beef patty – somewhat like an alien landing in one’s backyard.

After the meaty goodness of the other dishes, we did find the baked fish to be a bit plain and not so memorable. It was alright though and fresh.

For all of their main course dishes, you have a choice of selecting either yellow rice or herbed potatoes as a side. If you’re looking for a vegetarian option, then I would suggest the soups and salads. Other than that, most of Henry Cook’s dishes are hearty and meaty – on both occasions I came away feeling like I’d had my meat quota for the day and more.

Meat Madness set platter at Henry Cook

Henry Cook also has this set meal for 4 pax called their Meat Madness platter. From my experience, it could well feed 6 pax comfortably. It features all of Henry Cook’s specialties and is a good way to taste nearly everything on the menu in one visit.

Table number at Henry Cook

Being a small, family run operation gives Henry Cook a slight advantage in terms of service. I find their waitstaff to be prompt, friendly and helpful. It’s also one of the plus points of why I like Henry Cook.

I would visit Henry Cook more often but for its location as I have a ton of gripes about SSTwo Mall (but I’ll save that for another blogpost).

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