Style File : Red Nail Polish Lemmings

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As my fellow beauty bloggers would know all too well, lately I’ve been struck by a new lemming for nail polish. But not just any nail polish. Oh no.

Like a moth to flame, I find myself inexplicably drawn to red nail polishes. The redder, the better. :P

It all started nearly two years ago when I was getting a manicure/pedicure done for Chinese New Year and I decided to go out of my comfort zone (pretty but safe light pinks and neutrals) and go red. The manicurist recommended to me the most sought after red in the salon : OPI’s best-selling I’m Not Really A Waitress.

Image credit for I’m Not Really A Waitress

It’s not so much a bright red, but a deep red with burgundy highlights that show up in brighter light conditions. I liked it so much that I bought a bottle to keep – my first red nail polish. I’m not good with doing my own manicures, so I’ve been using it on my toes where it still looks good from afar and mistakes are not so noticeable. Heheh.

Then I read Lyn’s post on her new Chanel Rouge Carat nail polish and was hankering after it so bad that Beetrice had to drag me into the Chanel boutique with orders to try it on just so I would shut up about it. :P

Image credit for Chanel Rouge Carat

This is a brighter red compared to I’m Not Really A Waitress and under the boutique lights where I swatched it, it appears to have gold flecks in the red. Absolutely gorgeous and the only reason why I didn’t walk out of the boutique with it was because it’s much cheaper in Malaysia (MYR 70.00) compared to Singapore (SGD 36.00). Come this weekend, I’m going home to Malaysia to get this limited edition baby.

Then came another siren’s call when I got intro’d to Singaporean blogger Joey Chong. What should I see scrolling down the first page of her blog but this post on Dior’s Les Rouges collection featuring not one, but three different types of red.


I’m eyeing Gruau (on the right) and Icone (on the left), but I’ll need to see it in real life before deciding which of the two I want. Tralfagar (in the center) is a bit too bright red for me. In case you’re wondering, yes, this is *also* a limited edition collection.

As if that wasn’t enough, while fruitlessly hunting for Dior’s Les Rouges (didn’t realize that it’s exclusive to Isetan Scotts), I glanced over at the neighboring Lancome counter and saw… another red in Kate Winslet’s Golden Hat holiday collection for Lancome. Oh yeah, need I mention also that this is another limited edition baby?

kate winslet holiday collection soft cream red

Unfortunately, the consultant told me that the polishes for the Golden Hat holiday collection were not being brought in to Singapore. Bummer!

Now tell me, have I been poisoned by red nail polish lemmings or what? :P

Roototes by Super Planning

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There’s something to be said about following blogs. They make you want things you’ve never seen before, never had cravings for. Sometimes it’s a bad thing. Sometimes, it’s a very very good thing. Luckily, these Roototes by Super Planning are part of the good things.


My Rootote love affair first started when I read how Karen Cheng loved and raved over them. I wanted one, but was foiled by the hefty Aussie shipping fees.

rootote 01
Image credit to Karen Cheng

I wasn’t the only one going gaga over these handy totes, because my friends and I, well, we went through a kind of Rootote phase where all of us had and was using one. It got to the point once that whenever we turned up for any of our gatherings it was like a Rootote lovers community – sometimes we even came with same designs! LOL.

While the other girls have since gone on to other bag loves, I’m still very much in my Rootote phase, just that I’ve now moved on to their Luxe versions, which I find to be perfect for work. Think of it as the classier, slightly more grown-up versions of the polyester and cotton Roototes which are better suited for weekends. And if you think the Luxe versions are any less hardy than the original Roototes, think again! They stand up pretty well to abuse – I can assure you that I’ve not been particularly careful with the ones I own.

rootote 02
My collection of Roototes (actually one is missing since my mom ‘kidnapped’ it) – once you start you can’t stop! :P

Why do I love the Rootote so much?

For one, I find them to be far more practical than spending on the latest fashion trendy bag which gets discarded within months like I used to do before I discovered Roototes. Saves me $$$ in the long run.

They’re versatile enough to take me from work to play and back again. I’m one of those people who will most likely forget something if I have to change bags from workweek to weekend or night to day.

Roototes are so roomy, you could fit practically everything but the kitchen sink inside and it still wouldn’t look that bulky. I’ve used mine to cart lunch and documents to work together with all the usual paraphernalia that women carry, make-up kit and all. If I’m going to the movies, I can stuff a shawl or sweater inside.

On no-plastic-bag days, I can put my purchases inside my Rootote and dispense with the need for another shopping bag.

On weekends, I can even fit my DSLR inside my Rootote and no one is the wiser until I take it out! :P

Since I had more Roototes than one person could possibly use, my mom has taken to conveniently ‘borrowing’ them from time to time. You know a design is classic and practical when mother and daughter can carry the same tote, just in different fabrics!

If you’re in Malaysia, you can check out Roototes in person at the Ladies department of Isetan KLCC. Roototes are also sold online locally at Tiny Tapir or if you’re willing to pay currency conversion rates and shipping, you can also check out Mela-co from Singapore.

Read other blogger reviews here :
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I’m not a fan of Clarins Malaysia

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It’s a pity, really, because I have a friend who swears by their facials and I really love her clear, flawless skin. But the thing is, every time I get anywhere near a Clarins counter in Malaysia, I get very put off by their beauty consultants. They don’t seem to realize that their service is the make or break factor for customers. The break factor for me was my bad experience with one particular beauty consultant as detailed below.

Clarins We Care logo

Clarins recently ran an online promotion (valid until 31 December 2008) giving away two samples of their skincare line, a hand massage and eyebrow grooming. If I’m not mistaken, it had to do with their “Clarins We Care” charity promotion? Anyways, I put down my contact information and printed out the e-voucher that allowed me to redeem the items above. My voucher told me that I could collect the same from the Clarins counter in Parkson KLCC and I headed there on a weekday after work with a colleague. My colleague also had the same e-voucher, but for some strange reason, hers was printed as the Clarins counter in Isetan KLCC. Weird.

Anyway, we went over to Isetan first, being nearer there and my colleague was attended to by a very sweet girl who mentioned that she was temporarily assigned there. All went well and we (my colleague and I) were quite pleased with her service. She did say apologetically when we asked that she couldn’t assist me as my voucher was clearly printed as redeemable at Parkson KLCC but I was fine with that.

So after we were done with Isetan, we walked over to Parkson KLCC, where we were greeted with an empty Clarins counter. No beauty personnel around. We walked around for a bit before coming back to the counter and saw one of the Clarins personnel come out from the door behind the counter. When we approached her to redeem my e-voucher, she brusquely said that I could not redeem the items listed on the e-voucher as I did not make an appointment. I then asked if I could just get the skincare samples – I was willing to forgo the hand massage and eyebrow grooming as I was more interested in testing out Clarins’ skincare products – but again, the beauty personnel brushed me off, saying that I could not get anything from them because I didn’t have an appointment and she didn’t have time to do a skincare analysis for me. Instead, she told me to go to the Clarins counter at Isetan KLCC to redeem the e-voucher. When I mentioned that we had just come from there but since my voucher stated Parkson KLCC I couldn’t redeem it there, the beauty consultant then said disinterestedly that I should come back tomorrow if I really wanted the products. I had enough of her uppity attitude and we left the counter.

I just can’t help but compare the difference in attitude and service rendered between the beauty consultants at Isetan KLCC and Parkson KLCC. It is also pertinent to note that my colleague did not make any appointment at Isetan KLCC before redeeming the exact same e-voucher that I tried to redeem at Parkson KLCC. What’s also interesting to note is that no skincare analysis was done on my colleague before she was given the skincare samples at Isetan KLCC. Hmm. Was it an oversight by the beauty consultant at Isetan KLCC or merely an excuse by the beauty consultant at Parkson KLCC?

Anyway, I don’t think I will be going back to Clarins for a long time, if at all, because of the attitude of one beauty consultant.

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