Empties for the months of April, May and June 2013

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OK, so I finally got my act together this past quarter and managed to finish/use up/throw out/give away some stuff. Go me. Hahah.

OPI Drip Dry

This is a bottle of OPI Drip Dry that I bought years ago with the nail polish that started it all – OPI’s iconic I’m Not A Waitress. This is an empty that’s not really an empty that I managed to finish. In fact I think I only ever used it a few times and even then mostly on my toes when I gave myself a pedicure. It’s an empty only because it totally and completely dried up without my knowledge. (I know, I know, I’m a terrible hoarder.) I don’t really have a need to use an additional product to hasten manicure/pedicure dry time (not with my must have Seche Vite top coat around) so I wouldn’t be repurchasing anytime soon.

I also finished up the last remnants of a tube of Dynavate-N, which is a steroid cream that I use to control my eczema. Not an empty that I’m proud of but it’s a necessary evil at this point in time. To give you an idea of the amount of steroids I’m on, I have multiple tubes of this cream – with me in my handbag, one at office, two in my room in Singapore and one at home in Malaysia. They’re all in various stages of use so I kinda regularly finish it off.

The other item on the empty list but not pictured is a tube of Colgate toothpaste – pretty much self-explanatory, that one.


Passed on a practically new tube of Pure Nutraceuticals pawpaw ointment that I opened but couldn’t stand the smell of – looks like fermented pawpaw and I are not meant to be best buds after all. I couldn’t verify the efficacy of this product on my eczema because I just couldn’t get past the smell.

Last empty for the quarter was again a bottle of Lactacyd – another self-explanatory empty.


Threw out a barely used tub of Lucido-l hair wax (forgot to photograph it before it went into the trash so here’s a standard product shot) – remnant leftover from my buzz/undercut hairstyle last year as I’m now growing it out into a slightly longer bob. I have a mild suspicion that using the hair wax (or any hair styling product) aggravated my eczema because it was worse wherever my hair touched/covered my face, especially around my eyes. It also made my scalp itchy and flaky. The silly things we do in the name of vanity and fashion!


Passed on a tube of Neutrogena Deep Clean blackhead eliminating daily scrub that I bought but again, hardly used. Even though I only used it for my nose a few times, it felt too harsh for my sensitive skin so eventually I stopped using it. If you have oily skin it may work for you though, as other bloggers love it. I’m starting to wonder if Neutrogena and I are not meant to be or if I’m picking all the wrong products from this brand.

It seems as though I’ve made progress but compared with the number of products I bought in the corresponding period, the input is far greater than the output. I really should do better at this whole empty business. Sigh.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Revitalising Ultra Foam Cleanser in Pink Grapefruit

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(Goodness me! I’ve been a tardy blogger. No updates lately and even this is going to be a really brief/uninformative post.)


I’d been eyeing this foam cleanser for some time now ever since it was launched (I think earlier this year?) because:

a) I like foam
b) I previously had good results with Neutrogena’s Deep Clean range in its original formulation
c) The bottle is pink (yeah, I’m a sucker for pink)

Unfortunately, I had forgotten that:

a) Foam is drying
b) My skin is no longer the same as it was back then
c) I’m supposed to be on a hydrating regime

So when I saw a bottle of this in Beetrice’s bathroom recently, I pounced on the opportunity to try it out.

Uh oh. Bad call.

It was nice to use and I quite liked the foam and scent but the moment I finished rinsing my face I had alarm bells ringing in my head. My skin felt very clean and very taut. I felt a bit like a dried up mummy with skin that was too tight. For a dry-skinned girl with sensitive skin to boot, that was not a good feeling to have.

I quickly topped up with my usual routine of L’Oreal Youth Code Pre-essence and Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate followed with Dermalogica Barrier Repair on the spots where I knew my skin was prone to be drier.

No dice.

The next morning, my dry flaky skin was like, majorly emphasized. To add to my woe, the recent Singapore F1 Grand Prix weekend plus business related travel the following week meant that I had no time to really rectify the aggravated dry spots. Boo.

So to all you dry-skinned ladies out there, please steer clear of this foam cleanser. Oily-skinned ladies may like this foam cleanser though as it really does clean well!

Vichy Laboratories Purete Thermale Purifying Foaming Water

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Vichy Purete Thermale Foaming Water

Description : Purifying Foaming Water is a clear water that transforms into high-density foam on contact with water to remove impurities from skin and restore radiance and freshness.

Packaging : 150ml / 50ml

Recommended Retail Price : MYR 65.00 / MYR 18.88

My review :

I was looking to test the waters with Vichy Laboratories’ products and when I spotted this travel-sized bottle of Vichy Laboratories Purete Thermale Purifying Foaming Water (after this referred to as Vichy Foaming Water), I snapped it up immediately. Why? Just because it was reasonably priced, small, cute and pink! How can any female resist that combination?

The packaging of Vichy Foaming Water is nothing to shout about; just a simple pink colored plastic bottle and pump which fits nicely in my hand. However, the plastic does not feel flimsy or cheap so I’ll leave it as practical, sensible packaging.

Because I’m using the travel size bottle, I use about 1 1/2 to 2 pumps to get sufficient foam to cover my face, depending on how oily my skin feels. I have another foaming cleanser (Neutrogena Hydrafresh) and I verily believe that the foam produced by Vichy’s Foaming Water feels softer and more luxe.

I know this is something I repeatedly say in nearly all my reviews, but Vichy Foaming Water is strongly fragranced with a sharp floral smell and it’s something I could do without. However, I can live with it for as long as it’s on my face because thankfully the smell does not linger after you’ve rinsed off the foam.

I like to use Vichy Foaming Water in the mornings because it doesn’t dry my skin out and it’s perfect for a sleepyhead like me – no need to think so hard about which cleanser to use! It’s also a conveniently fast and quick way of getting your skin clean so I sometimes use it at night when I feel that I don’t have an oily day that needs heavier cleansing or as a gentle cleanser before I give my skin its weekly scrub.

Vichy Foaming Water claims to reveal skin radiance but I didn’t see much difference in my skin when it was the only thing I’d changed – the rest of my beauty routine remained the same. There was no markedly brighter looking skin, but I did think that my skin felt smoother and less dried out when using Vichy Foaming Water. I also liked that there was no filmy feeling on the skin as some heavier cream cleansers are wont to do.

I’m still undecided if I would repurchase this and make it part of my beauty routine – if anything, I think I would get it primarily for traveling. It’s certainly given me a good introduction to Vichy products though, and I would definitely explore more of this brand in future.

Yes factors : Sensitive skin friendly; not drying; easy to use
No factors : Strongly fragranced; more expensive than regular drugstore brands

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