Empties for the months of April, May and June 2013

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OK, so I finally got my act together this past quarter and managed to finish/use up/throw out/give away some stuff. Go me. Hahah.

OPI Drip Dry

This is a bottle of OPI Drip Dry that I bought years ago with the nail polish that started it all – OPI’s iconic I’m Not A Waitress. This is an empty that’s not really an empty that I managed to finish. In fact I think I only ever used it a few times and even then mostly on my toes when I gave myself a pedicure. It’s an empty only because it totally and completely dried up without my knowledge. (I know, I know, I’m a terrible hoarder.) I don’t really have a need to use an additional product to hasten manicure/pedicure dry time (not with my must have Seche Vite top coat around) so I wouldn’t be repurchasing anytime soon.

I also finished up the last remnants of a tube of Dynavate-N, which is a steroid cream that I use to control my eczema. Not an empty that I’m proud of but it’s a necessary evil at this point in time. To give you an idea of the amount of steroids I’m on, I have multiple tubes of this cream – with me in my handbag, one at office, two in my room in Singapore and one at home in Malaysia. They’re all in various stages of use so I kinda regularly finish it off.

The other item on the empty list but not pictured is a tube of Colgate toothpaste – pretty much self-explanatory, that one.


Passed on a practically new tube of Pure Nutraceuticals pawpaw ointment that I opened but couldn’t stand the smell of – looks like fermented pawpaw and I are not meant to be best buds after all. I couldn’t verify the efficacy of this product on my eczema because I just couldn’t get past the smell.

Last empty for the quarter was again a bottle of Lactacyd – another self-explanatory empty.


Threw out a barely used tub of Lucido-l hair wax (forgot to photograph it before it went into the trash so here’s a standard product shot) – remnant leftover from my buzz/undercut hairstyle last year as I’m now growing it out into a slightly longer bob. I have a mild suspicion that using the hair wax (or any hair styling product) aggravated my eczema because it was worse wherever my hair touched/covered my face, especially around my eyes. It also made my scalp itchy and flaky. The silly things we do in the name of vanity and fashion!


Passed on a tube of Neutrogena Deep Clean blackhead eliminating daily scrub that I bought but again, hardly used. Even though I only used it for my nose a few times, it felt too harsh for my sensitive skin so eventually I stopped using it. If you have oily skin it may work for you though, as other bloggers love it. I’m starting to wonder if Neutrogena and I are not meant to be or if I’m picking all the wrong products from this brand.

It seems as though I’ve made progress but compared with the number of products I bought in the corresponding period, the input is far greater than the output. I really should do better at this whole empty business. Sigh.

Cirque Fascination Street

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Cirque polishes are possibly THE indie polish brand of the year for me. I love the packaging – the squarish bottle with solid heft and the elegant black sticker that makes it look and feel like a luxe brand. I love the selection and range of the colours – whether glitter, duochrome, shimmer or holo. (Although I have to admit that I only bought the holos thus far…)

I bought Fascination Street way back in June when Cirque first launched their Dark Horse collection and then forgot about it as other newer polishes clamoured for my immediate attention. It only came to light over the weekend when I was considering which untried polish I should bring for my mani/pedi session with Beetrice.

Cirque Fascination Street 01

Cirque describes Fascination Street as “a vibrant indigo polish with a rainbow holographic finish”. Pictured below with one coat OPI base coat, two coats of Fascination Street and topped off with one coat Seche Vite dry fast top coat.

Pretty or not? I was embarassingly caught out by Beetrice making kissy noises when I finally had Fascination Street in full beauty on my nails. :P

Fascination Street dries down a bit dull and only truly comes to glossy life with a top coat. Both Beetrice and the manicurist commented that it had a slightly matte-ish finish before the top coat was applied. Wear time is outstanding so far – it’s now day 3 and where I would usually be seeing signs of tip wear, Fascination Street is still going strong.

Here’s another shot (slightly blurred) to show you the linear holographic finish in daylight.

Cirque Fascination Street 02

For prettier swatches of Fascination Street, do check out this blogpost on The Swatchaholic.

Cirque Fascination Street retails for USD 15 on the Cirque website (ships worldwide except Brazil and Italy) or SGD 20 from Mei Mei’s Signatures (ships worldwide except Italy).

OPI I’m All Ears

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Happy Hump Day! I’m excited today because tomorrow is a public holiday in Singapore and I’ll be off until the weekend for a quickie getaway to Penang. Can you say roadtrip? :)

A holiday calls for bright cheerful nails and I was extremely eager to dip into my latest polish purchase – OPI’s I’m All Ears, from their Vintage Minnie Mouse collection. I’m All Ears is a bright fuchsia pink jelly with miniscule glass flecks that shift hue from pink to orange to blue depending on the light and which angle I hold my hands at. It is a very close dupe to butter LONDON’s Disco Biscuit, except that the glass flecks in Disco Biscuit appear to be slightly more blue toned. (See this beautiful swatch from The PolishAholic here to be convinced.)

opi i'm all ears

As much as I’m loving I’m All Ears on my nails, it was a royal pain to apply!

The sheer jelly finish meant that I had to do up to 4 coats to even out the bald spots and achieve the kind of opacity I wanted. Luckily the dry time was not too bad but 4 coats of a single colour pushes me to the limits of my patience (yes, this coming from someone who layers her polishes and has done as many as 7 coats with 4 different polishes). :P

opi i'm all ears macro

I was also rather disappointed with the wear time for I’m All Ears. Usually with my Seche Vite dry fast top coat “armour”, my nails can last around 2 days before minor tip wear starts showing and the first chips happen about 6 days in. For I’m All Ears, I saw tip wear before the day was out and on the second day, a tiny chunk chipped off my index finger and thumb. Sigh! And it was such an effort to apply too…

I’m still prepared to forgive I’m All Ears for all the cons I’ve listed though as I absolutely love the colour and finish and how it makes my skin look fairer.

Essie Turquoise & Caicos

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Essie’s Turquoise & Caicos was one of the polishes on my lemming list that I knew I would get around to buying sooner or later but wasn’t that much of a priority buy at the moment.

essie turquoise & caicos 01

Turquoise & Caicos is from Essie’s 2010 Summer Resort collection and is a cool toned sea green creme jelly polish. It’s been compared to China Glaze’s For Audrey before, but Turquoise & Caicos leans towards the green end of the spectrum. I already have an idea of how I would love to use Turquoise & Caicos in a jelly glitter sandwich. Heheh.

essie turquoise & caicos 02

In the picture above, I have on one coat of OPI base coat, three thin coats of Turquoise & Caicos and layer of OPI top coat. Since this manicure was complimentary, I haven’t had the opportunity to test out Turquoise & Caicos on my own. However, from watching the manicurist handle this polish, I would safely bet that it’s a tricky one to apply and if not handled properly will result in bald spots and streaking. I also noticed quicker than usual tip wear after just one day, but that could be due to the fact that the manicurist wasn’t using my usual Seche Vite dry fast top coat, which is like armor for nails! :P

As to how I came to own this polish, I was eyeing it at the launch of Fabulous Finds last Saturday. Lyn kindly let me use it for my manicure session and then became my nail polish fairy godmother by insisting that it come home with me because it looked like it belonged with me. I heart you Lyn! :D

A-England Nail Polish in Tristam

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There are nail polishes and then there are A-England nail polishes. To say that I’ve developed something of a fangirl love for this brand is somewhat of an understatement. If you own an A-England nail polish, you’ll probably know what I mean.

I did not know what I was missing out until a kind fairy godmother dropped Tristam (from A-England’s Mythicals collection) into my lap. :D

Tristam is a deep denim-like blue with minute shimmer particles. I’m guessing that it’s due to my base skin tone, but in certain lighting situations (mostly artificial white light) Tristam appeared to take on a slightly purplish hue on me.

aengland tristam nail polish
Apologies for the not-so-perfect application as I eagerly took the picture before clean-up. :(

I had on my usual 2 coats (if you’re careful with your application you could probably get away with one thick layer) and Seche Vite dry fast top coat and I was impressed that the A-England polish stood up to abuse far better than other expensive polishes like OPI and Chanel. I only started noticing tip wear after the fourth day or so, which is excellent by my standards.

In short, A-England polishes are love!

Read other blogger reviews here :
Paris B

Style File : Red Nail Polish Lemmings

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As my fellow beauty bloggers would know all too well, lately I’ve been struck by a new lemming for nail polish. But not just any nail polish. Oh no.

Like a moth to flame, I find myself inexplicably drawn to red nail polishes. The redder, the better. :P

It all started nearly two years ago when I was getting a manicure/pedicure done for Chinese New Year and I decided to go out of my comfort zone (pretty but safe light pinks and neutrals) and go red. The manicurist recommended to me the most sought after red in the salon : OPI’s best-selling I’m Not Really A Waitress.

Image credit for I’m Not Really A Waitress

It’s not so much a bright red, but a deep red with burgundy highlights that show up in brighter light conditions. I liked it so much that I bought a bottle to keep – my first red nail polish. I’m not good with doing my own manicures, so I’ve been using it on my toes where it still looks good from afar and mistakes are not so noticeable. Heheh.

Then I read Lyn’s post on her new Chanel Rouge Carat nail polish and was hankering after it so bad that Beetrice had to drag me into the Chanel boutique with orders to try it on just so I would shut up about it. :P

Image credit for Chanel Rouge Carat

This is a brighter red compared to I’m Not Really A Waitress and under the boutique lights where I swatched it, it appears to have gold flecks in the red. Absolutely gorgeous and the only reason why I didn’t walk out of the boutique with it was because it’s much cheaper in Malaysia (MYR 70.00) compared to Singapore (SGD 36.00). Come this weekend, I’m going home to Malaysia to get this limited edition baby.

Then came another siren’s call when I got intro’d to Singaporean blogger Joey Chong. What should I see scrolling down the first page of her blog but this post on Dior’s Les Rouges collection featuring not one, but three different types of red.


I’m eyeing Gruau (on the right) and Icone (on the left), but I’ll need to see it in real life before deciding which of the two I want. Tralfagar (in the center) is a bit too bright red for me. In case you’re wondering, yes, this is *also* a limited edition collection.

As if that wasn’t enough, while fruitlessly hunting for Dior’s Les Rouges (didn’t realize that it’s exclusive to Isetan Scotts), I glanced over at the neighboring Lancome counter and saw… another red in Kate Winslet’s Golden Hat holiday collection for Lancome. Oh yeah, need I mention also that this is another limited edition baby?

kate winslet holiday collection soft cream red

Unfortunately, the consultant told me that the polishes for the Golden Hat holiday collection were not being brought in to Singapore. Bummer!

Now tell me, have I been poisoned by red nail polish lemmings or what? :P

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