Changing hairstyles – a story in pictures

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After several years, I figure it’s time to give my wonderful stylist the recognition he deserves for making me look awesome each time I go for my haircut.

Not every stylist out there knows how to handle my hair, which is frequently described as being deceptive. It doesn’t look like it, but it is thick and has differing qualities – some strands are thick, most are baby fine, and the occasional odd one out is curly/wavy! Most stylists start off thinking my hair is easy to handle, and then they discover that it’s actually quite a handful. Deceptive appearances, I say. :P

So before I found the one person I trust to handle my hair, I used to bounce from salon to salon in search of a stylist who could manage not only my hair but my high expectations as well.

Enter Sam.

I have to tell you the story of how I found him, because it was totally by chance.

A long, long time ago…
I had gone for a trim at one of those ‘quick-cut’ salons because it was so cheap, and naively asked for a layered cut. Said ‘quick-cut’ salon botched up the job and left me with not a layered cut, but literally a jagged cut with ends that stuck out like a broom. I was *thisclose* to tears when I looked at myself in the mirror.

A desperate girl…
So in desperation, like, 10 minutes after I left that ‘quick-cut’ salon, I walked into Peekaboo at the Curve and told the reception “I want your best stylist who does short hairstyles”. As luck would have it, I was assigned to Sam and I guess I freaked him out at first – new customer sits down in front of him and tells him to chop off her hair in order to rectify the badly botched haircut from the ‘quick-cut’ salon. (I really wonder what he thought that day of this funny customer. Heh.)

Sam saves the day!
In any case, Sam did wonders to save the walking disaster that was the ‘quick-cut’ salon haircut (I couldn’t maintain the length anymore because the original cut was that badly executed) and I determined that this was it, he was THE stylist for me. So it’s been nearly five years since (late 2008 – 2013) and I’ve never even thought of going elsewhere. Such is my total confidence in him that I can confidently tell him to go ahead and cut whatever style he thinks he wants to give me for the season. I’ve never been much attached to the length of my hair and I reckon I’m rather chameleon-like in adapting my style to fit my look of the moment.

You can find Sam (Professional Stylist) at Peekaboo, the Curve

The following is a series rather self-gratuitous series of shots to show how much my hairstyles have varied over the years under Sam’s capable hands. (I realized that I generally prefer myself in shorter hairstyles…) And oh, this is probably the only time you’ll see this many pictures of me floating around on the blog. *wink*

01 Hairstyle Sept 2008
First time with hair that’s above the chin level with a longer, slightly shaggy fringe – very Korean guy’s style

02 Hairstyle Nov 2008
Hair is a bit longer here at the sides but now sporting a short spiky fringe

03 Hairstyle Jan 2009
Trying out blunt cut fringe and a rather bowl-shaped cut – Sam and I mutually agreed it wasn’t very me

04 Hairstyle Feb 2009
Still with the blunt fringe but thinned out for a more wispy look at the sides –more of a Japanese look/feel

05 Hairstyle Oct 2009
Growing out the fringe by reverting to my original left side parting but keeping the chin length cut

06 Hairstyle Feb 2010
Shoulder length and nearly on the level

07 Hairstyle Oct 2010
Going for the ‘tai-tai’ look with a blow-out

08 Hairstyle 2012
Total refresh of image – short boyish style

09 Hairstyle June 2013
And now, growing out the undercut and getting an asymmetrical bob

Which look do you think suits me best? Let me know in the comments!

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion

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Burt's Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion

Tagline : Wave bye bye to dry skin

Description : Treat your baby’s precious skin to this moisturising lotion, featuring natural emollients like buttermilk and beeswax to seal in moisture. This rich formula also includes nourishing botanicals like sunflower and coconut oils to soothe baby’s skin.

Directions for use : Massage lotion all over your baby’s body as often as needed.

My review :

Yep, I’m a baby to be using Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion.

When I stopped by the Burt’s Bees standalone store at the Curve to pick up a tin of their famous hand salve, I couldn’t help but be attracted to the display of their baby products. The sales assistant told me that the Baby Bee products is formulated to be gentler than the already mild Burt’s Bees lotions and that sold me on the range instantly since I have rather sensitive skin.

I use this lotion on my hands and body just before I go to sleep and feel very, very babyish indeed. In actual fact, the lotion smells of buttermilk, and while I’ve never smelt any babies smelling naturally of buttermilk (normally they smell of baby shampoo or spit-up milk! LOL), but just because of the words Baby Bee on the bottle, I think I smell like a baby! This would not be a lotion I would be applying if I wanted to be doing some other type of nocturnal activities, if you know what I mean. *wink*

The lotion sinks into my skin fast enough so that I don’t feel overly oily when I slip between the sheets and it does a fine job of keeping my skin moisturized – no dry flakes when I wake up in the morning, so that’s a plus point in my books since my skin is dreadfully prone to flaking. It doesn’t do anything super fantastic that other moisturizing lotions won’t do and it’s not exactly the cheapest lotion out there, but I like using it and feeling pampered like a baby every now and then. Oh and the buttermilk smell will be either a hit or miss, so be sure to take a whiff of the smell before you purchase.

Yes factors : Keeps skin soft and moisturized
No factors : Buttermilk smell; higher than average price for a moisturizing body lotion

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