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I may be living under a rock as I’d never heard of Too Faced Cosmetics’ Mood Swing Lip Gloss until I stumbled over this MSNBC.com article asking if it really worked. Whattaheck is it?

Too Faced Cosmetics Mood Swing lip gloss

It’s a lip gloss that is activated by your body heat and changes color according to your mood. Supposedly it will tell if your current mood is Totally Zen or Slightly Smitten or Feeling Frisky or having Dirty Thoughts or Hot & Bothered or Basking In The Afterglow by changing color from clear white to various shades of pink/fuschia/red.

Mmhmm, the names for the various shades/stages are rather *ahem* suggestive. I have a feeling that this would be a nice lipgloss to fool around with under the right circumstances with the right guy. Hehe.

I don’t think we get Too Faced Cosmetics in Malaysia, so if ever I want to get my paws on this I’ll have to look online or elsewhere. Boo.

Too Faced Cosmetics Mood Swing Lip Gloss retails for USD 18.50 online here.

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