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More gourmet burgers on the blog, courtesy of joining my burger-loving friend who is on a personal quest to try out all the burger joints in Singapore.

There have been a couple of rave reviews online about this gourmet burger joint called Two Blur Guys located in Tanjong Pagar. I was ready to be impressed, but came away feeling rather meh about the whole experience.

two blur guys

I had the grilled chicken ‘blurger’ with asian spices (curry powder) (SGD 12.50) and it comes with sides of salad greens and potato salad. It is a decent sized burger and they are not stingy with the portions for the sides. I found the chicken a tad dry and was not a fan of the fact that the grilled chicken skin was part of the burger’s filling. The salad greens and potato salad were quite normal by my standards although my friend did like the potato salad.

Adding on SGD 5.50 to make it a set meal will get you a drink (ice lemon tea / coffee / tea) and a dessert. However, I found the policies regarding the top-up menu a bit inflexible. I asked if I could change the selected drink to a Coke and mentioned that I was also willing to add-on an additional sum to the top-up amount to change the drink. This was not permitted, even though on the menu, the price of an ice lemon tea drink (SGD 3.50) is more expensive than a Coke (SGD 2.80). The ice lemon tea which I had in the end was watery and I would definitely not order it if given a choice. It is also worth noting that Two Blur Guys does not offer water on the house either.

Another incident that irked me slightly was that it is also not informed up front that your selection of dessert for the top-up menu is limited. When I selected the top-up menu, I was told that I could select my dessert later. After the main meal, when I made my selection of the chocolate lava cake with ice cream as my dessert, only then did the waitstaff tell me, “Oh, the dessert is limited to only the brownie, slice of pie, or lamingtons.” Had I been informed of this up front, I would have been fine with this, but being informed at such a late stage made me feel somewhat shortchanged.

I found the waitstaff to be curt in speech and mildly irritating in that within 30 seconds from the moment you sit down, they are hovering at your shoulder asking you to place your order. Granted that the menu is not extensive with only two pages, but surely you should give customers more than 30 seconds to look at the menu and only come over when signaled?

Perhaps it was an off-day for the waitstaff but at the end of it all, I most probably wouldn’t return to Two Blur Guys on my own accord. The food was not fantastic enough to make me overlook the service shortcomings (especially when you are paying 10% service charge).

Two Blur Guys
1 Tras Link
#01-13 Orchid Hotel
Singapore 078867
T : +65-6636 4183

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